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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 120, 121. 1896. 97 as inay be necessary for the purpose of establishing said naval training station; and the site so selected, when approved by the President, shall be, by virtue of this Act, transferred to the Navy Department for the purposes of said naval training station. Sec. 2. That all apprentices of the Navy, whether at a training sta- I-§,vr(;*?¤*{9*>% ¤<>*¤ i¤· tion or on board an apprentice training ship, shall be additional to the iidé uigslmlt °f °°` number of enlisted persons allowed by law for the Navy. R- s··”°°·14"·P-250- Approved, April 24, 1896. CP. 121.—An Act To grant certain lands to the city of Colorado Springs, Col- APTU 24, 1896 0l‘3 0. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following-described C€`<>i¤r=¤i¤ Springs, tracts of land, situate in the county of E1 Paso and State of Color ado, (iii5y pmims., p.,, namely, that part of Pike’s Peak Military Reservation described as {g;;,;" ,§;kg’¤ geek follows: Beginning at corner numbered two as designated in the iield Bouiidariebrva ]°°° notes of the United States military reservation survey, and running thence along the boundary line of said reservation, south sixty-six degrees west, seven thousand seven hundred ieet to corner numbered three of said survey; thence north thirtyeight degrees fifty-tive minutes west, eight thousand two hundred and forty feet to corner numbered ionr of said survey; thence north nineteen degrees twenty-tive minutes west, eight thousand six hundred and eighty ieet to a point on line iour—tive of said survey; thence east two thousand one hundred and sixty feet; thence south forty-four degrees forty-seven minutes east, fourteen thousand one hundred and thirty-six and tour tenths feet; thence north sixty-three degrees thirty-nine minutes east, two thousand four hundred feet to the northwest corner of the Colorado Springs reservoir grant; thence south twenty-six degrees twenty-one minutes east, two thousand five hundred and ninety-tive feet along west line of said grant, to a point on line one—two of said reservation survey; thence south sixty-three degrees thirty-ni11e minutes west, three hundred and sixty-three feet to corner numbered two, the place of beginning; also, the southeast quarter of section fourteen, and the east one-half of section twenty-three, and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section twenty-six, and all that portion of section thirteen lying west of said reservation, and all that portion of section twenty-tour lying west of said reservation, and the north one-half of the northwest quarter of section twenty-five, and all that portion of the northeast quarter of said section twenty-tive lying west of said reservation; and all that portion of the northeast quarter of section fourteen lying west of said reservation, all in township fourteen south, range sixty-nine west, of the sixth principal meridian, containing three thousand ninety-seven and forty-eight one hundredths acres, more or less, be, and the same are hereby, granted and conveyed to the city of Colorado Springs, in the _ county ofEl Paso, and State of Colorado, uponthe payment of one dollar Priceand twenty-tive cents per acre by said city to the United States, to have and to hold said lands to its use and behoof forever, for purposes of Um. water storage and supply of its waterworks; and for said purposes said city shall forever have the right, in its discretion, to control and use any and all parts of the premises herein conveyed, in the construction of reservoirs, laying such pipes and mains, and in making such improvements as may be necessary to utilize the waters contained in any natural or constructed reservoirs upon said premises. Approved, April 24, 1896. i scum L-vox. 29---7