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106 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 140. 1896. importedarticles, and the Department of Agriculture’s proportionate m’P“°h "¤°“‘· share of the dispatch agent in N ew York, not to exceed four hundred dollars; actual traveling expenses while on business of the Department, and other miscellaneous supplies and expenses not OCUCYWISB provided for and necessary for the practical and efiicient work of the Department, twenty-five thousand dollars. _ Division ¤fS¤¤¤¤- DIVISION OF SEEDS, PURCHASE AND DISTRIBUTION OF W ALUABLE é,0P¤*°,:*°°· *““°"“"* SEEDS: For the purchase, propagation, and distribution of valuable °'°seeds, bulbs, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants, and expense of labor, transportation, paper, twine, gum, printing, postal cards, and all necessary material and repairs for putting up and distributing the same, and to be distributed in localities adapted to their culture, onehundred Amount w be cx- and fifty thousand dollars. And the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby ’°“°°"· authorized, empowered, directedand rerpiired to expend the said sum PM P·*°’7~ in the purchase, propagation and distri ution of such valuable seeds, bulbs, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings and plants, and is authorized, empowered, directed and required to expend not less than the sum of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars in the purchase at public or private sale of valuable seeds the best he can obtain and such as shall be suitable for the respective localities to which the same are to be apportioned and in which same are to be distributed as hereinafter stated, and such seeds so purchased shall include a variety of vegetable and flower seeds suitable for planting and culture in the various sections of the United States. That section five hundred and twenty-seven of the Revised Statutes be amended so tha: it will read as follows: · V¤·i<~¢i¤· M M ·>l> ·*S1ac. 527. That purchase and distribution of vegetable, held, and m1i?gZ,°;é. sm, psa, ilower mds, plants, shrubs, vines, bulbs and cuttings shall be of thefresh- ¤·¤¤¤**°·*· est and best obtainable varieties and adapted to general cultivation? Allotment. An equal proportion of two-thirds of all seeds, bulbs, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants shall, upon their request, after due notification by the Secretary of Agriculture that the allotment to their respective districts is ready for distribution, be supplied to Senators, Repre-_ sentatives, and Delegates in Congress for distribution among their constituents or be directed and mailed by the Department upon their request; and the person receiving such seeds shall be requested to mmm. inform the Department of results of the experiments therewith: Pro- °,g¤°*“°d·‘°* *°°d¤· vided, That all seeds, bulbs, plants, and cuttings herein allotted to Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress for distribution remaining uncalled for on the first of May shall be distributed by the Secretary of Agriculture, giving preference to those persons whose names and addresses have bee11 furnished by Senators and Representatives in Congress, and who have not before during the same season been B¤p0rtofp¤rch¤¤¤¤· supplied by the Department: And provided, also, That the Secretary shall report, as provided in this Act, the place, quantity, and price of seeds purchased, and the date of purchase; but nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Secretary of Agriculture from sending seeds to those who apply for the same. And the amount herein D*"°¤‘¤i°¤ f¤*bidd*¤· appropriated shall not be diverted or used for any other purpose but for _ _ the purchase, propagation, and distribution of valuable seeds, bulbs, ,,{£;{};‘;*f°¤¤d°P“d trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants: Provided, however, That the ' Secretary shall not distribute to any Senator, Representative, or Delegate seeds entirely unfit for the climate and locality he represents, but shall distribute the same so that each Member may have seeds of equal _ value, as near as may be, and the best adapted to the locality he rep-

   *0 resents: Provided, also, That the seeds allotted to the Senators and

' Representatives for distribution in the districts embraced within the twenty-fifth and thirty-second parallels of latitude shall be ready for delivery on the tenth day of J anuary or at the earliest practicable time thereafter. hggggerg ¤¤` A¤i¤¤¤1 SAr.Anms AND Exrnusns, BUREAU on ANIMAL INDUSTRY: For v0I.R,p.31. carryrng out the provisions of the Act of May twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, establishing the Bureau of Animal Industry,