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128 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 213-215. 1896. ¥•y2!,1896. CHAP. 213.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to authorize the Denison "¥""" ::g.i‘];(1o:1i_t°l:1rp°r1’taHv?y01tlpgi1ppx;)y] rigooscgnstruct and operate a railway through the _ , B11 0 . 1,,.;;.,,, Tmmmn Be it enactedby the Senate and House of Repvesentatiees of the United _°f*£·_f,°*,,‘;*>2,wr§ States of Amenea on Congress assembled, That the provisions of section many. i I eight of the Act entitled “An Act to authorize the Denison and North- _ ern Railway Company to construct and operate a railway through the '§1Q‘{f° · Indian Territory, and for other purposes/’ approved July thirtieth, ' eighteen hundred and ninety-two, be, and the same herepy ajeiextended for a further iod of two years from the passage o t is c . SEO. 2. Thgtusection two of said Act be amended to read as follows: Width- " 81:0. 2. That a right of bway of one hundred feet inlwgdxtthl thrcipaglx said indianTerrito ishere ranted to the Denisonan o ernway Company andrh strip oixland one hundred feet in width, with a aaaiumai m sn- length of two thousand feet in addition to the right of way, is granted ""““· "‘°‘ for such stations as may be established, but such grant shall be allowed ' but once for every ten miles of the road, no portion of which shall be ‘sold or leased by the company, with the right to use such additional grounds where there are heavy cuts or fills as may be necessary for the construction and maintenance of the roadbed, not exceeding fifty feet _ · in width on each side of said right of way, or as much thereof as may f',;},?'- be included in said cut or ill: Provided, That no more than said addi- Lands nottobewld, tion of land shall be taken for any one station: Provided further, That “°‘ no part of the lands herein granted shall be used except in such manner and for such purposes only as shall be necessary for the construction and convenient operation of said railroad, telegraph, and telephone line, and when any portion thereof shall cease to be used such portion phall mort tp th; nation or tribe of Indians from which the same shaH ve u ta en. “;PPr0val or im- Sue. 3. That section six of said Act be amended by striking out all ‘ after the word “Provided,” and inserting the following: “That a map of detinitc location showing the entire route of said road through the Indian Territory shall be liled and approved by the Secretary of the Interior before any part of the said road shall be constructed." Approved, May 21, 1896. M.,-m, mus, CHAP. 214.-An Act Requiring bills of sale, conditional sales, mortgages, or deeds ·—-—é of trust of chattels in the District of Columbia to be recorded. Be it enacted by the Senate aud House of Representatives of the United ¤,l;hQ¢t_•;¤`f:,:·¤¤;l;;·- States ojg meriea in Conlgzeas afsenibled, That in sheglisitrict of Colum- .-.0,...; pmpsiq- tl ia no 1 0sa e, con i iona sa c, mor ga e ee o trust or an I': *'°°°"*°•*· conveyance, in whole or in part, of personal pgoperty or chattels, wherg the property has not been delivered, through or by which title is claimed to, or a lien or claim is retained or created in such personal property or chattels, shall be good or valid against a subsequent innocent purchaser for value and without notice, unless such bill of sale, conditional sale, mortgage, deed of trust, or other writing has been duly delivered for record in the office of the recorder of deeds in said District prior to the sale to such innocent purchaser; and all such instruments shall To are sem from take efiect and be valid from the time when such instrument shall have

  • "“° °’ '°“°"’· been delivered to the recorder for record, and the recorder shall indorse

pnleachtgnlstrumené agoresaid the day and hour of delivery of the same -o nm » e recor e . Approved, May 21, 1896. __*{jl;?l;1f#f;i_ CHAP. 215.—An Act Authorizing the sale of the title of the United States in lot five, square eleven hundred and thirteen, in the city of lVashingten. nimmor columbia. Be if enacted. by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United g,,,,, of l,,, myrmk Qtates of America am Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Inte- D·0¤¤¤- rior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to grant and convey unto Frank D. Orme, of the city of Washington, and his heirs and