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FIFTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 233,238. 1896.- 135 Sec. 3. That any bridge constructed under this Act and according Iéejfgul g*¤¤¢*·¤¤ to its limitations shall be a lawful structure, and shall be recognized an P S um °“ and known as a post route, over which the mails, troops, and munitions _ of war of the United States may be transported at no higher charge than is made for transportation of such mails, troops, and munitions of war over railroads and public highways leading to said bridge; and the United States shall have the right of way for postal-telegraph lines rtmimmgmpu. and appliances across said bridge. Sec. 4. That in case of any litigation from any obstruction or alleged L“*¤°°*°¤· obstruction to navigation created by the construction of any bridge under this Act, the cause or question arising may be heard by the district or circuit court of the United States in and for the northern _ district of New York: Provided, That nothing in this Act shall be so ;"T";‘?°‘aia construed as to repeal or modify any of the provisions of the law now m m° w' existing in reference to the protection of the navigation of rivers, or to exempt this bridge from the operations of the same. Sec. 5. That the right to alter and amend this Act and to require A¤¤¤¤¤l¤¤¤¤l>·¤¤•>· the removal of material obstructions to navigation by the construction of any bridge under its provisions is hereby expressly reserved, without any liability of the Government on account of said alterations or amendments, or on account of the prevention or the requiring of the removal of any such obstruction; and if any change be made in the Ghnngcsplan of any bridge constructed under this Act during the progress of the work thereon, or before the completion thereof, such change shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of War; and any change in the construction or any alteration of any bridge, and the removal of any obstruction that may be directed at any time by Congress or the Secretary of Wa1·, shall be made at the cost and expense of the owners _ of said bridge. Sec. 6. That all railroad companies desiring the use of said bridge £§js“Y’°u'°¤d°°m· shall have and be entitled to equal rights and privileges relative to the p ` passage of railway trains or cars over the same and over the approaches thereto upon payment of reasonable compensation for such use; and in C¤¤¤P¤¤¤Mi¤¤· case the owner or owners of said bridge and the several railroad companies, or any one of them, desiring such use shall fail to agree upon the sum or sums to be paid, and upon rules and conditions to which each shall conform in using said bridge, all matters at issue between them shall be decided by the Secretary of War, upon a hearing of the allegations and proofs of the parties: Provided, That each and every Pr<¤v~¤•>· railway company using the said bridge that Shall carry or transport ,B;’$;{$§;?°°mm°r°° any goods, merchandise, or other personal property over the same from any part of the United States, to be delivered in any other part of the United States, shall, in the carriage, transportation, and delivery of such goods, merchandise, or other property, be subject to and comply with the laws known as the interstate commerce laws of the United States and to all such regulations as maybe prescribed under or by the authority of such laws. SEO. 7. That this Act shall become and be null and void if actual wg‘;i‘§i‘{}j’,'Qi‘f°’“°“‘ ‘““l construction of the bridge herein authorized be not commenced before the tirst day of July, in the year nineteen hundred, and completed within five years thereafter. Approved, May 22, 1896. CHAP. 238.-·An Art Changing the time of holding terms of the circuit and dis· _;]P;3Lfi}89__*l;.. trict courts of the United States in the northern district of California. Be it enacted by the Senate and .H0lL88 of Represemtatiees of the United Ciiiiiomiii ummm States of America in Congress assembled, That section three of the Act judicialdistrivt. of August fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, chapter nine hun- F,£§‘f§§,§,’f °°“"·S°‘“ dred and twenty-eight, relating to the terms of the circuit and district {vg 2z5i;- 30;,,2 658, courts of the United States for the northern district of California, to p,,.tg,"m,”‘ ’