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148 FIFTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 252. 1896. E"Pl°Y°** •·¤ ¤•¤- The Secretary of State is authorized to use not exceeding three m""""' thousand one hundred and twenty dollars for the services of employees in the Bureau of Statistics, Department of State, in the work of compiling and distributing consular and other commercial reports,_out of the appropriation of twenty thousand dollars for preparation, printing, publication, and distribution, by the Department of State, of the con- · sular and other commercial reports, made in the Diplomatic and Con- .e»¤, pas. sular appropriation Act approved February twenty-seventh, eighteen

  • ’••*· P·"°· hundred and ninety-six. _

sum•q,¤w. For tationery, furniture, iixtures, and repairs, and for the purchase of passport paper, five thousand dollars. ‘ Bwnm. For books and maps, and books for the library, two thousand dollars. mm,¤pn¤.¤u». For services of lithographer and necessary materials for the lithographic press, one thousand two hundred dollars, - _ . 0¤•¤¤s¤¤•¤=r•¤¤¤¤· For contingent expenses, namely: For care and subsistence of horses, to be used only for onicial purposes, and repairs of wagons, carriage, and harness, rent of stable, telegraphic and electric apparatus, and repairs to the same, and for miscellaneous items not including the foregoing; in all, three thousand dollar . _ B•¤¤¤s·¤w··1••·•· F For expenses of editing and distributing the laws enacted during glge first session of the Fitty-fourth Congress, three thousand dollars, to 1 immediately available. .

 SM" For editing and distributing the Statntesat Large of the Fifty-fourth
 one thousand dollars, to be immediately available.,

1*•·¤¤u •¢ wr-· That hereafter the total amount appropriated in the various para- 5?"';,;, ¥raphs of an appropriation Act sha} be determined by the correct ooting up of the specihc sums or rates appropriated in each paragraph contain therein unless otherwise expressly provided. . ...”°¥:···*=°~¤··**·. rnmsuizr nnrnmmum, , _ LE; Ormcn or rn Sncannnr: For compensation of the Secretary of the Treasury, eight thousand dollars; three Assistant Secretaries of . the Treasury, at four thousand five hundred dollars each; clerk to the · Secretary, two thousand four hundred dollars; stenographer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; three private secretaries, one to each Assistant Secretary, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; Government actuary, under control of the Treasury, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class one; one copyist; four messengers; four assistant messengers; in all, forty-one thousand two hundred and forty dollars. {Gmc! curb Mrk-. Uttiee of chief clerk and superintendent: For chief clerk, including ° °' three hundred dollars as superintendent of Treasury building, three thousand dollars; assistant superintendent of Treasury building, two thousand one hundred dolfars; inspector of electric-light plants, gas, and tixtures for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, one thousand nine hundred dollars; four clerks of class four; additional to one clerk of class four, as bookkeeper, one hundred dollars; two clerks of class three; three clerks of class two; three clerks of class one; one clerk, one thousand dollars; one messenger; two assistant messengers; storekeeper, one thousand two hundred dollars; Enginwrmc- telegraph operator, one thousand two hundred dollars; chief engineer, onethousand fhur hundred dollars; assistant engineer, one thousand dollars; two assistant engineers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each ; five elevatorconductors, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; lecksmith, one thousand two hundred dollars; three firemen; five tire men, at six hundred and sixty dollars each; coal passer, nve hundred Watchmen. dollars; captain of the watch, one thousand ihur hundred dollars; two lieutenants of the watch, at nine hundred dollars each; fifty-eight watchmen; six special watchmen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; !·•*>·¤··r¤- foreman of laborers, one thousand dollars; skilled laborer, male, eight hundred and forty dollars; three skilled laborers, male, at seven hunl dred and twenty dollars each; twenty-six laborers: ten laborers, at five