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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 252. 1896. 1 7] of the colleges of agriculture and mechanic arts that will enable the Secretary to discharge the duties imposed on the Secretary of the Interior by the Act approved August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and Vol- 2°· P- 417- ninety, to apply a portion of the proceeds of the public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the colleges for the benefit of agriculture and mechanic arts, established under the provisions of an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty- V0l.12,p.503. two, one thousand eight hundred dollars. For books for library, current educational periodicals, other current Books. •’¤o· pullilications, and completing valuable sets of periodicals, five hundred o ars. For collecting statistics for special reports and circulars of informa- S°¤**¤**•=¤· tion, two thousand five hundred dollars. For the purchase, distribution, and exchange of educational docu- Dimiburius ·i<>¤¤~ ments, and for the collection, exchange, and cataloguin g of educational “‘°”"‘ °t°‘ apparatus and appliances, text—books and educational reterence book , articles of school furniture, and models of school buildings illustrative of foreign and domestic systems and methods of education, and for procuring anthropological instruments of precision, and for repairing the same, two thousand five hundred dollars. The Commissioner of Education is hereby authorized to prepare and edB¤l{g¤i¤ otf liisbgr publish a bulletin of the Bureau of Education as to the condition of pr:;:rg:l?' ° °" t° ° higher education, technical and industrial education, facts as to compulsory attendance in the schools, and such other educational topics in the several States of the Union and in foreign countries as may be deemed of value to the educational interests of the States, and there shall be printed one edition of not exceeding twelve thousand five hundred copies of each issue of said bulletin for distribution by the Bureau Distribution. of Education, the expense of printing and binding such bulletin to be ‘ charged to the allotment for printing and binding for the Department of the Interior. Orman or Commssioivnn or Bmnows: For Commissioner, four Raf;,*;;g;*¤¤*°¤•>* of thousand five hundred dollars; bookkeeper, two thousand dollars; `" assistant bookkeeper, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class two; one clerk, one thousand dollars; and one assistant messenger; in all, eleven thousand four hundred and twenty dollars. For examination of books and accounts of certain subsidized railroad Examining books. companies, and inspecting roads, shops, machinery, and equipments °"‘ thereof, one thousand dollars. OFFICE or THE Anourrncrr or THE CAPITOL: For Architect, ibnr grobii·o¤of¤bo¤¤r- thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk of class four; draftsman, one `°°‘ thousand eight hundred dollars; compensation to disbursing clerk, one thousand dollars; one assistant messenger; person in charge of the heating of the Congressional Library and Supreme Court, eight hundred and sixty-four dollars; laborer in charge of water-closets in central portion of the Capitol, six hundred and sixty dollars; three laborers for cleaning rotunda, corridors, and dome, at six hundred and sixty dollars each; two laborers in charge of public closets of the House of Representatives and in the terrace, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; in all, fourteen thousand seven hundred and sixtyfour dollars. Orricn or run Dmnccron or ·rnn Gnonocicn. Smzvnr: For G*o*o¤i°•lS·="°¥- Director, five thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; chief disbursing clerk, two thousand four hundred dollars; librarian, two thousand dollars; photographer, two thousand dollars; three assistant photographers, one at nine hundred dollars, one at seven hundred and twenty dollars, and one at four hundred and eighty dollars; two clerks of class one; one clerk, one thousand dollars; four clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; four copyists, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; watchman, eight hundred and forty dollars; four watchmen, at six hundred dollars each; janitor, six hundred dollars; four messengers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, thirty-one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars.