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176 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 252. 1896. not exceeding one thousand five hundred copies for the use of the Executive Departments, twenty-five thousand dollars. And the Postmaster- °°¤'*•°*- General may, in his discretion, cause the contract for furnishing the Official Postal Guide to be let for a term of four years. _ P<>·r-¤•¤¤·¤¤r¤ For miscellaneous expenses in the topographer’s office in the preparation and publication of the ponroute maps. eighteen thousand dollars. Sw- And the POStm3St8I—G6DBT3l may authorize the sale of postroute maps to the public at cost of printing and ten per centum thereof added, the proceeds of such sales to be used as a further appropriation for the preparation and publication of post-route maps. _ _ "°"'¤°°“‘ l’* For postage stamps for correspondence addressed abroad which is not exempt from postage under article eight of the Paris convention of the Universal Postal Union, five hundred and fifty dollars. mI:¤v¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤f ·l¤¤· DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Gf;Q,Ajj_$;{;,g; Orman or run Arronnnr-Gnmnnn.: For compensation of the

 sw. Attorney-General, eight thousand dollars; Solicitor-General, seven

thousand dollars; four Assistant Attorneys·General, at five thousand dollars each; Assistant Attorney-General of the Post0Hice Department, four thousand dollars- Solicitor of Internal Revenue four thousand llve hundred dollars; Solicitor for the Department of State, three thousand five hundred dollars; two assistant attorneys, at three thousand dollars each; four assistant attorneys, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; assistant attorney, two thousand dollars; law clerk ¤1¤rk•· and examiner of titles, two thousand seven hundred dollars; chief clerk and ex onicio superintendent of the building, two thousand five hundred dollars; stenographic clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; three stenographic clerks, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; two law clerks, at two thousand dollars each; six clerks of class four; attorney in charge of pardons, two thousand four hundred dollars; additional. for disbursing and appointment clerk, five hundred dollars; chief of division of accounts, two thousand two hundred dollars; seven clerks of class three; nine clerks of class two; lifteen clerks of class one; telegraph operator and tenographer, one thousand two hundred dollars; nine copyists; onemessenger; live assistant messengers; four laborers; three watehmen; engineer, one thousand two hundred dollars; two conductors ot the elevator, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; eight charwomen; superintendent of building, two hun— dred and fifty dollars; and three iiremen; in all, one hundred and sixty- four thousand and ten dollars. . ¤¤¤**¤¤·¤¤¤¤P¤¤·••· For contingent expenses of the Department, namely: For lnrmtnre and repairs, five hundred dollars. For law books for library of the Department, one thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of session laws and statutes of the States and Territories for library of Department, seven hundred and fifty dollars. For stationery, two thousand dollars. For miscellaneous expenditures, including telegraphing, fuel, lights, foreign postage, labor. repairs of building and care of grounds, and other necessaries, directly ordered by the Attorney-General, six thousand four hundred dollars. For official transportation, including purchase, keep, and shoeing of animals, and purchase and repairs of wagons and harness, one thousand e o lars. n§gl·¤¤¤¤•*¢l¤¤T~·¤ Ormca or run Somcrron or run Tanlsonr: For Solicitor of ` the Treasury, four thousand five hundred dollars; Assistant Solicitor, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four; four clerks of class three; three clerks of class two; one assistant messenger; and one laborer; in all, tWenty-eight thousand six hundred and eighty dollars.