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]9() FIFTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gus. 257, 258. 1896. M•y28,1U¤· CHAP. 257.-An Act Granting to the Denver, Cripple Creek and Southwestern j"“—";"_ Railroad Company a rightiofsway ftp; railgaoad through the South Platte and Plum Creek forest reserves. in the tate 0 o o o. ’ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Denver, Cripple States of America in Congress assembled, That the Denver, Cripple Creek 9;"I§j1'}‘,},§,°('§,f,i‘,'1§§§’,'; and Southwestern Railroad Company, a corporation incorporated and gwted rg1¤¤¤f1yl¤y. organized under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Colorado, is c:=:ii1;¤l{¤¤i°¤::¤¤L,¥` hereby authorized to construct and maintain a. railroad over and through @$*:127, mlm, ML the South Platte Forest Reserve and the Plum Creek liorest Reserve, m the State ot (Jolorado, heretofore set apart and estab ished as orest reservations by proclamations of the President, dated, respectively, December ninth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and June twenty- ”°°’“°" "‘“"" T5"“’°‘EJ£“"‘"°‘}·"“°f‘2lE‘°'i¥°'Z{." S?'SJ“£}"}”§‘k°°f°$§§“£S reserva ions a e _]unc -1on 0 e e or an u 1 o s 0 u Platte River, in section twenty-five, in township seven south, of range seventy west of the sixth principal meridian, and to run thence along the water course of the South Fork of the South Platte River to section three, in township thirteen south of range seventy-one west, and also to be constructed from section twenty-one, in township nine south of range seventy west, along the water courses of Horse Creek and Trout _ Creek, in the Plum Creek Forest deserve, to section thirty-four, in xm. v¤v¤¤z¤·. township ten south of range sixty-nine west; said right of way to be va 1s, p. m. granted subject to the rights, privileges, rules, and restrictions of an Act entitled ‘·An Act granting to railroads the right of way through the public lands of the United_States,” approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, said Act being hereby made applicable to the T¤¤l>·¤‘¤¤**·¤¤~ right of way hereby granted. The said company, however, shall not cnt timber upon said forest reservations outside of the limits of said right of way. , Approved, May 28, 1896. xw2S_18m CHAP. 258.-An Act Declariug a certain bridge across the Tallabatchie River, in ...T. Tallahatchie County, State of Mississippi, a lawfu structure, aud for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mm;. over nn,. States of America in Congress assembled, That a certain temporary pile }';‘ff§*_Q,_R,gj°{·h{°,’}Q{ bridge recently constructed across the Tallahatchic River at Philipp, in structure the county of Tallahatchie, in the State of Mississippi, and used by the Illinois Central Railroad (rompany and the Delta Oooperage Company, be: and the same is hereby, declared to be a lawful structure until the thirty-first day of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven: Pm gmx! of mu vided, however, That thesaid temporary pile bridge shall be removed my mum". °°` tgoronglsly unld czrngetelf on or before the thirty-iirst day of Decemr eng een nun r ana nine yreven. mn. c¤¤pu·•;• SEO. 2. That the Delta Oooperage Company, a corporation created g‘;':g','jg'w §;';g‘gef"’“· and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Mississippi be, and is hereby, authorized to construct and maintain a railway bridge across the Tallahatchie River, at or near the town of Philipp, Mississippi, to take thte placfe of the temporarydprle structure referred to in the foregoing see ion o t is Act- the said ridge to be so constructed ar not to interfere with the navigation of said river, and to be provided zvith 2mg_ a suitable draw: Provided, That any bridge constructed under this Act Lwrui su-mm and according to its limitations shall be a lawful structure, and shall be ‘“‘* *’°" “’““’· known and recognized as a post route, and the same is hereby declared to be a post route; and the United States shall have the right of way @{***1 ***f°¤‘=¤Ph· for a postal telegraph across said bridge. _P*;,°,§,‘Q?;“;f‘;’f_ of '° Sec. 3. That the bridge authorized to be constructed under this Act shall located and built under audsubject to such regulations for the security of the navigation of said river as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and to secure that object the said company or corporation shall submit to the Secretary of War, for his examination and approval,