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rirrvrounrn conennss. sms. 1. eu. 314. 1896. 205 Improving harbor at Charlotte, New York: Continuing improve- Cl¤¤*l°**°· NY- ment, twelve thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Wilson, New York: For dredging and main- Wi1¤o¤.N.Y. tenauce, five thousand dollars, to be immediately available. Improving harbor at Dunkirk, New York: Continuingimprovement, D¤¤ki*k·N-Y- ten thousand dollars, in accordance with the modified project for its improvement: Provided, That contracts may be entered into by the f,’;;';Q'a‘;ts Secretary of War for such materials and work as may be necessary to ' complete the modified project for its improvement, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed in L. .t the aggregate three hundred and ninety-eight thousand two hundred I""' and fifty-eight dollars, exclusive of amount herein and heretofore appropriated. Improving harbor at Flushing Bay, New York: Continuing improve- F¤¤¤¤i¤z Bw N-Y- ment, four thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Glencove, New York: Continuing improvement, G‘°“°°"°· N- Y· eight thousand dollars. 4 Improving Bay Ridge Channel, the triangular area between Bay gswlggfk l;,·;g;j>;éL Ridge and Red Hook channels, and Red Hook and Buttermilk channels, m,°y g° " in the harbor of New York, New York: Continuing improvement, two hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That the work shall be begun at Promosthe southerly end of Bay Ridge Channel and continue through it and P1""` the others in the order named, until each, as the work advances northerly, is completed in turn, so that each shall have a uniform mean lowwater depth of twenty-six feet and width as recommended for each: And provided_/`urther, That out of said sum five thousand dollars shall G"“’“““’ C“'”’*· be expended in dredging Gowanus Canal from Percival street to Hamilton Avenue Bridge: And provided further, That contracts may be C<>¤¤‘¤¤*~¤· entered into by the Secretary of War for the completion of the whole of said work, to be paid for as appropriations may be made from time to time by law, not exceeding in the aggregate six hundred and thirty- Limitseven thousand three hundred dollars, exclusive of the amount herein and heretofore appropriated. And in order to meet the demands of the greatly enlarged size of grojkgggb mma vessels, and of increasing commerce, it is hereby further provided that iimfemuaeii such piers as may be built between Seventeenth street, on the south shore of Gowanus Creek, and Fort Hamilton may be constructed so that so much thereof as shall be between the pier and bulkhead lines maybe of a linear width not to exceed three hundred feet, and, whether of that width or of less width, may be filled with solid materials when an equal tidal prism or space to receive the iniiow of the tides is provided in compensation therefor, behind the authorized bulkhead line and adjacent to said piers. _ _ For the purpose of strengthening and improving the bulkheads and of{'1€‘f‘§’{,§{’,}‘,,*j,}’_,*j’,‘{‘“°° pier along the property belonging to the estate of J. P. Robinson, which abuts on the channel known as Gowanns Creek channel, the said estate of J. P. Robinson, its heirs, their successors or assigns, are hereby authorized to construct and maintain the bulkhead distant thirty feet southerly from the present bulkhead line, beginning four hundred seventy feet from the southerly side of Bryant street and the easterly side of Court street, and said bulkhead shall then continue westerly parallel with the present bulkhead to a point distant forty-tive feet from the present easterly line of the pier at present owned by the estate of J. P. Robinson, and extending thence southerly in a straight line distant ibrty five feet from said pier line to the present bulkhead line continued, a distance of about three hundred and ninety-three feet. Improving Gowanus Creek channel, New York, by deepening the ch§;D‘;,f*°““ C’°°* same to twenty-six feet at mean low water, from the foot of Percival street to its junction with the Red Hook channel, twenty-five thousand dollars. Improving Newtown Creek, part of the harbor at New York: Con- N°“’*°‘"* C’°°k· tinuing improvement in accordance with modified project submitted March twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, thirty thousand