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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 314. 1896. 215 Im roving Bagaduce River Maine: Continuin im rovement five B*'¤¤‘¤· . tt.m£i mm. ’ g P ’ ..£*·*··'·*·=· Improving Keunebec River, Maine: Continuing improvement, fifty- Kennebec River. five thousand dollars; and the Secretary of War may, in his discretion, M°‘ expend so much of this as may be necessary for repairing damages to improvements heretofore made, by the recent ireshet. Improving N arragaugus River, Maine: Continuingimprovement, five M§*¤*¤“¢°• Bimthousand dollars. ` Improving Sa-co River, Maine, including breakwater: Continuing S=¤¤¤1¤*¤·¤¤- improvement, ten thousand dollars. Improving Lnbec Channel, Maine: Continuing improvement, thirty- L°*°° °h¤·¤¤°l·¥¤~ two thousand dollars. Improving Union River, Maine, by dredging, fifteen thousand dollars. Union River. Me. Improving Georges River, Maine, in accordance with plan sub· Gnnrges mw. Mo. mitted January twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-Eve, ten thousand dollars. _ Improving Sasanoa River, Maine, according to plan submitted S‘““°° R"°'·M°· December nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, completing . improvement, nineteen thousand dollars. _ Improving Cocheco River, New Hampshire: Continuing improve- C°‘"'°°°R"°"·N·H· ment, fifteen thousand dollars. Improving Otter Creek, Vermont: Continuing improvement, live °°*°' °"°°k·"- thousand dollars. .Improving Powow River, Massachusetts: Continuing improvement, P°W°WRiV¤-M¤¤¤. twelve thousand dollars. Improving Taunton River, Massachusetts: Continuing improvement, Mf,j“"*°¤ R""- five thousand dollars. ` Improving Weyrnouth River, Massachusetts: Continuing improve- MK:¥¤¤¤¢¤ Rivnr. ment, fifteen thousand dollars, of which ten thousand dollars shall be ' used in the improvement of Weymouth Back River. . Improving Essex River, Massachusetts: Continuing improvement, E¤¤<>>¤ Riv•>r.M=i¤¤. five thousand dollars. Improving Mystic and Malden rivers, Massachusetts: Continuing !,§fj:*{&a¤¤d M¤ld¤¤ improvement, ten thousand` For the improvement of the channel of the Merrimac River, Massa- MM<>¤in¤n¤ River, chusetts, by removing certain rocks therein below Rock Bridge, five ""` thousand dollars. The Secretary of War is directed to furnish to the House of Representatives an estimate of the cost of improving the nsnmm. Merrimac River, Massachusetts, by dredging the channel thereof between Newburyport and Haverhill of the width of one hundred and fifty feet and of the depth of seven feet at mean low water, provided the estimate can be furnished from surveys already made. Improving Town River, Massachusetts, in accordance with recom- '1`<·wnRi~·¤n.M¤¤¤· mendations submitted in the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-one, ten thousand dollars. Improving Sakonnet River, Rhode Island: For widening and deep- sn¤»¤ mver. ening the passage at the draw of the Stone Bridge over the Sakonnet R‘ L River, Rhode Island, twenty thousand dollars. Improving Pawtucket River, Rhode Island: Continuing improve- P=·wr··¤k··t River. ment, twenty thousand five hundred dollars. R' L Improving Pawcatuck River, Rhode Island and Connecticut: Con- RY;*;j_j{*g};n Rimtinuing improvement, iitteen thousand dollars.“ ' Improving Providence River and Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island: Prnyideuce River Continuing improvement, according to the report of the Chief of Engi- §'Q‘§_§§'f'”““““°°° neers, dated April ninth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, twenty-five thousand dollars: Prov·ide¢I, That contracts inay be entered into by the rmsm. Secretary of War for such materials and work as may be necessary for C°“““°‘“· the completion of such project, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed in the aggregate Limitseven hundred and seven thousand dollars, exclusive of the amount herein and heretofore appropriated. Improving Green Jacket Shoal, Providence, Rhode Island: Continu- RGireen Jacket sum. ing improvement, seven thousand five hundred dollars. ‘ '