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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 314. 1896. 219 Improving Potomac River, Washington, District of Columbia: Con- P°*·¤¤}¤¤ I¤v¤J>·¤- tinuing improvement, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That {;_Q;’,';‘f,Q0mcG for carrying on said improvement the rental of an office in the city of ' Wasliington, District of Columbia, at a rate not to exceed eighty-five dollars per month, is hereby authorized when no public building is available, to be paid for pro rata from the appropriations made for works of improvement in the local charge of the engineer officer having charge of the improvement of the Potomac River. _ Improving Appomattox River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, V£I’P°“‘““°‘ R""- five thousand dollars._ Improving Nansemond River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, v§•¤¤°¤*°¤•I Rim'- tive thousand dollars. ` Improving James River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, one J=¤¤¤¤1¤v¤r.V¤- hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Improving Mattaponi River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, VQ‘***°¤P°¤* RiV<=*» two thousand five hundred dollars. ` Improving Nomini Creek, Virginia: Continuing improvement, two N·>¤i¤i0r<¤=1<.V=¤- thousand five hundred dollars. Improving Pamunkey River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, VP¤¤·¤¤k¤y River. two thousand dollars. “' Improving Rappahannock River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, B¤1>`g¤b¤¤¤¤¤k eight thousand dollars. Rm"' °' Improving Urbanna Creek, Virginia: Continuing improvement, U*l>¤¤¤¤ C¤~k·V¤· three thousand dollars. Improving York River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, sixteen York Rivsnva. thousand dollars. Improving Westerii Branch of Elizabeth River, Virginia, according E¤¤¤l>¤¤h Rir¤r.V¤¤·, to report submitted by Chief of Engineers March twenty-fifth, eighteen w°"°"` b""°°1" hundred and ninety-six, forty-five thousand dollars, to complete. Improving Aquia Creek, Virginia: Continuing improvement, three =\¤¤i¤ ¤¤»k.V¤- thousand dollars. _ Improving Occoquan Creek, Virginia; Continuing improvement, two Occoquan cmmva. thousand five hundred dollars. Improving Lower Machodoc Creek, Virginia: Continuing improve- Cigwxer M=wi·¤·1¤<= ment, one thousand five hundred dollars. r°°°` Improving Nandua (historically known as Andura) Creek, Virginia, N=¤·¤¤¤ ¤r¤ek·V¤- in accordance with report submitted in the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-five, three thousand dollars. · Protecting Jamestown Island from the encroachments of James River, ·I¤¤··¤¤ Rirvn V¤- fifteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Improving Elk River, \Vest Virginia: Continuing improvement, Elk Rivvn W- V•- two thousand dollars, to be expended on said river from Frametown, Braxton County, up said river. Improving Guyandotte River, West Virginia: For maintenance, one wG{*,{°”•*°°*° mv"- thousand dollars.` Improving Gauley River, West Virginia: Continuing improvement, G¤¤I·=rRi*¤¤=W-V¤- three thousand dollars. Improving Little Kanawha River, WVest Virginia: For maintenance, Rgylgv §_¤¤¤w¤=¤ one thousand five hundred dollars. ’' Improving the upper Monongahela River, West Virginia: Continu— W’jQ1:j’”g°'*°** R*'°’· ing improvements, thirty thousand dollars. ten thousand dollars of which may be used for the location and purchase of sites for the dams within said improvement; and the Secretary of \Var may place the C""°“’““‘”"‘°“‘°· construction of the six dams heretofore recommended and reported by the United States engineers on the Monongahela River, in the State of West Virginia, under contract at a sum not exceeding one million two hundred thousand dollars, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law. . Improving inland waterway between Beaufort Harbor and New River, m‘§;*‘$'I‘g@>;Q*§gf$ff” North Carolina: Continuing improvement, one thousand dollars. ’ Improving Cape Fear River, North Carolina, above Wilmington: N}i‘c¤r¤ Few Riv¤¤ Continuing improvement, five thousand dollars. `