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232 rrrrr-rousru oouennss. snss. 1. 011.::14. isa:. . much thereof' as may be necessary, for the protection of the caving bank from a point three hundred feet above the upper to the lower revetment already constructed on the South Sioux City front, as recommended in House Executive Document Numbered Forty-eight, Fiby-third Congress, third session; nity thousand dollars in the rec- P*""•S·D*· tincation of the river at Pierre and Fort Pierre; forty thousand dol- 1****** lars for the protection of Bismarck Harbor and the rectification of the river to prevent erosion of the banks, and cutting a new channel at G...¤.n.•.¤¤.;,;.. or near that point; twenty thousand dollars between the Great Falls, '°,,'j;m in Montana, and Stubbs Ferry, in Montana: Provided, That subject to nmpkmna such conditions as the Secretary of War may prescribe, any person, company, or corporation may construct a dam or dams across said river above Stubbs Ferry, with necessary canal and improvements to develop water power and for other useful purposes; forty thousand dollars at Y‘”**°”· Yankton, and twenty thousand dollars for improvement of river at m¤’°*¤°· Elk Point, which shall be immediately available. Svszinz- Improving upper Missouri River by snagging, nity thousand dollars. 1'¤•¤h¤••l Riva. Improving Flathead Ihver, Montana, ten thousand dollars, which sum shall be expended in snagging from Demersville to the Flathead Lake, in accordance with the plan submitted lll the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-nve. r·11¤w»¤>¤·,mt¤¢. Improving Yellowstone River, Montana: Continuing improvement, lin thousand dollars, which sum shall be expended at or near Glendive, ontana. — ¤¤·••¤ri 1¤v¤r· Improving Missouri River, at and near Great Falls, Montana, fifteen °"°m]°’I°°*` thousand dollars. S••=r•¤¤•¤¢&_L•M Cgmprovingml Sacramento Featliler xgvers and tributznées, · `ornia: eSecretary aris ere yauthori direc to non-its odious oi appoint a board, consisting of three engineers of the United States , "*"‘“"""’·°*°` Ai-my,for the purpose of making surveys and examinations of said rivers, and submit the most feasible plan for the improvement of said rivers and the maintenance of navigation thereon, and to have charge of the work by them recommended as appropriations are made therefor; said board may, under the direction of said Secretary of War, expend any balance now remaining to the credit of said rivers in the improvement of the same, after deducting the expense of said surveys and examinations. Hxumgginm For the construction of restraining barriers for the protection of the 5,- nébn, c,,,.,,,,,,. Slacrameptg lalnd Feathler rivers in California, two hundred and nity °°· thousand dollars; suc restraining arriers to be constructed under v°l`27'P`m the direction of the Secretary of War in accordance with the recommendations of the California Debris Commission, pursuant to the provisions of, and for the purposes set forth in, section twenty-five of the Act of the Congpess of the United States, entitled, “An Act to create the California ébris Commission and regulate hydraulic mining in the State of California," approved March nrst, eighteen hundred and mzmm J f ninety-three: Provided, That the Treasurer of the United States be, Sm,;,,*,,,,,,},.,,{}§,'] and hehiizhgpgy, authorized to receivg from the State of California, t roug the · ris Commission of said tate or other officer thereunto duly authorized, any and all sums of money that have been, or may hereafter be, appropriated by said State for the purposes herein set forth. And said sums when so received are hereby appropriated for the purposes above named, to be expeudedin the manner above pro- V1 e . C Sm Joqnn River, Improving San Joaquin River, California: Completing cuts at Twenty- "‘ one Mile Slough, twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and completing cnt at Head Reach, thirty-seven thousand seven hundred and nity dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and the balance of twen ty-ionr thousand dollars heretofore appropriated may be used in dredging Stockton and Mormon channels to the head of navigation in the city of Stockton. N¤p•Rivcr.C=•1- Improving Napa River, California: Continuing improvement, four thousand dollars.