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240 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 314. 1896. Surveys-Continued. Mnine. MAINE. Royal River. Saint Croix River below Calais, between Maine and New Brunswick, submitting estimate of the cost of said improvement and the amount the United States ought equitably to bear. Bagaduce River, leading upto Penobscot village. Union River, for a deeper and broader channel. Bangor Harbor and Penobscot River, including mouth of Kenduskeag River. . . Harraseeket River. Machias River from Machias to Machiasport. Maryland. MARYLAND. Annapolis Harbor, with a view to straightening, widening, and deepening the channel of the entrance to said harbor so as to obtain a ship’s channel of one hundred and fifty feet wide and twenty-eight feet deep at mean low water from Chesapeake Bay to the wharves of the United States Naval Academy in said harbor. Cambridge Harbor. Chapel Point Harbor. Baltimore Harbor, with a view to securing a channel thirty feet in depth. La Trappe River. . Delaware River with a view to obtaining a channel six hundred feet wide and thirty feet deep from a point at or near the city of Philadelphia to the deep water of Delaware Bay. Massachusetts. ’ MASSACHUSETTS. ` Merrimac River, from Lowell to New Hampshire State line. Marblehead Harbor, with a view to improving the harbor by building a sea wall to protect the isthmus connecting Marblehead Neck with the town of Marblehead. Provincetown Harbor, with a view of erecting a dike for the protection of that harbor. Neponset River. Channel in New Bedford Harbor leading to the bridge between that city and Fairhaven, with a view to determining what amount of dredging would be necessary to make the change in the draw in said bridge from the west to the east side of Fish Island practicable and advantageous. Lynn Harbor, with a view to securing a channel three hundred feet wide and fifteen feet deep at low water. Boston Harbor, with a view to securing a channel one thousand two hundred feet wide and thirty feet deep from the navy-yard to the entrance of the present main ship channel, and from the main ship channel in Presidents Roads through Broad Sound Channel. Mount Hope Bay and Fall River Harbor. Manchester Harbor. Copnecticut River, between Holyoke and the foot of the Enfield rapn s. Harbor at Plymouth. VVeymouth Back River from Hingham Bridge to Mann’s Wharfl Mississippi- MISSISSIPPI. Channel at the mouth of Pearl River leading to deep water in the Mississippi Sound, with a view to obtaining a seventeen—foot channel at low tide. Pascagoula River, commencing at a point in the Mississippi Sound where the depth of water exceeds seventeen feet, thence to the mouth of and up said river to the intersection of Dog River, and thence up