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248 · FIFTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. L Ch. 317. 1896. other works, or for the proper use and orderly appearance of the Conduit road; and the said company and its successors shall also deposit as aforesaid such further sums for said purposes and at such times Disbmsuncnt. as the Secretary of War shall direct. The said moneys shall be disbursed like other moneys appropriated for the Washington Aqueduct, and whatever shall remain of said deposits after the completion of the work for which they may be obtained shall be returned to said company with an account of their disbursement in detail. The disbursements of said deposits shall, except in case of emergency, be made only on the order of the Secretary of War. During the construction and after the completion of said railway, its agents and servants, when on the public land of the United States, shall be subject to such regulations as the Secretary of War may prescribe. The provisions of - this Act, as far as applicable, shall apply to any extension of this rail- _“P'°*°°**°¤°‘¤***¤¤· way in the State of Maryland that may be granted by said State; v¤rza,p.·m and the provisions of section nfteen of the Act of Congress approved , February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled “An Act to incorporate the Washington and Arlington Railway Company, of the District of Columbia," shall control and govern all the privileges granted by this Act to the Washington and Great Falls Electric Railway Company, and said section shall be held to include the Washington Aqueduct and its tunnels and all other works connected C°”°*"*°**"*· therewith. Said Washington and Great Falls Railway shall every- where be constructed in a neat and substantial manner, of good material, subject, for such parts of the line as are within the jurisdiction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, to the supervision and approval of said Commissioners, and, for such parts of the line as are in any jurisdiction outside of the District of Columbia, to the supervision and approval of the proper authorities of such jurisdiction; the °""°‘ gauge of the track to bethesame as that of theWashington and George- Pwins- town Railway; and the said Washington and Great Falls Railway Company shall, where its tracks run on or across any street or road which is under the jurisdiction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, or across the Conduit road or any road outside of the District of Columbia, pave the same between the rails and sets of rails and two feet outside thereof, with such material and in such manner as shall be _ approved by such proper authorities, as the case may require, and shall B°’““`“‘ keep the same in repair at its own expense; and if the said corporation shall fail to make any necessary repairs within ten days after notice has been given by said authorities, the repairs shall be made by said authorities and the cost thereof, except as hereinbefore provided, if not paid voluntarily, shall be recovered by them before any court of competent jurisdiction; and the amount of such repairs shall be a lien upon all property of said company from the time the same are made until paid '{f_;§°§,{*],f‘°‘P°‘°” *’°' by the company. That the said corporation shall operate its said road ' by electric power, and for this purpose it is hereby authorized to erect and maintain such poles and aerial lines as may be necessary for the proper conduct of said power; such lines to be built in the most perfect mP;&f:g°jy;“°f GW and substantial manner: Provided, That in order to prevent any dan- ` ger or damage to the United States telephone line between the Great Falls of the Potomac and \Vashington, belonging to the \¤Vashington Aqueduct, or to its instruments, from the electric wires of said railway company, the said company shall, at all times and at its own expense remove, change, and protect said telephone line in such manner as may F¤¤¢¤· ·>*•¤· be directed by the Secretary of War. The said corporation shall erect and maintain, subject to the approval of the Secretary of YVar, at its own expense, a neat, well-painted, and substantial fence, four feet in height, on each side of its tracks, through the lands of the United States, and also at such places along the Conduit road as the Secretary of \Var may deem necessary, with suitable cattle guards, openings, and crossings for roadways, and at such places as the Secretary of \Var shall consider to be required for the safety of the use of said roadways.