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282 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 373. 1896. For the iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, one thousand _ six hundred and ninety-eight dollars and sixty-four cents. G"" “°'°"“s°"°°r Rnronm Scnoor. non Gmznsz To pay the treasurer a salary of fifty dollars per month from January iirst to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, three hundred dollars. m*‘¤•¤¤·¤¤‘• ¤··1•i· Fnnnmu;mN’s Hosrrrlu. up AsY1.UM: For contingent expenses, namely, to pay the accounts set forth in House Document Numbered Three hundred and twenty-four, of this session, on account of nscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, one hundred and twentyfdve ollars. For subsistence on account of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-four, six dollars and ninety-six cents. P•t&;¤¤¤*· ¤f .i¤¤s- JUDGMENTS: For the payment of judgments against the District of mnColumbia as follows: To Alice M. Boswell, by Robert S. Boswell, next friend, five thousand dollars, together with seventy-one dollars and ninety cents costs; To Edwin N. Gray, four thousand five hundred dollars, together with one hundred and fifty-nine dollars and ninety cents costs; To James B., Gibson, one thousand and fifty dollars, together with forty-six dollars and forty-five cents costs; To Joel Mann, three hundred dollars, together with nine dollars and ninety-eight cents costs; To Lemuel E. Mayhew, two hundred and ilfty dollars, together with nflyone dollars costs; To United States ex relations Thomas W. Kerr, seventy-eight dollars and sixty-five cents costs; To Isaac S. Lyon, four thousand and eighty-two dollars and seventy _ cents, together with seventy-one dollars and fifty cents costs; To John Stuekert, one hundred dollars; To John Stuckert and Mary Stuckert, one thousand nve hundred dollars, together with sixty-eight dollars and fifty-nve cents costs; in all, seventeen thousand three hundred and forty dollars and sixty-three cents, together with a further sum to pay the interest on said judgments, as provided by law, from the date the same became due until date of payment. Www H- M°m¤· That a sufficient sum is hereby appropriated to pay the judgment of one thousand seven hundred and twenty-seven dollars and thirty cents in the case of Louisa Mohler, executrix of William H. Mohler, deceased, versus The District of Columbia, together with the costs, thirty-four _ dollars and sixty cents, and interest, as required by law, from the date £{j;;g;,bm_ds,,,,,_, the same became due until date of payment: Provided, That the Com- ...14. missioners of the District of Columbia, in the payment of said judgment, shall iirst apply the proceeds of the sale of the bonds in which the retent under contract eight hundred and twenty-six, between the District of Columbia and William II. Mohler, was invested, deducting from the residue such sums as may have been paid to the executrix aforesaid for interest subsequent to April twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three. James urcanaimi. That the sum of one thousand two hundred and ninety-ibur dollars

  • ’“>"”°”' ‘°· and fiftytour cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby

appropriated to pay the ten per centum retained under contract eight hundred and thirty-two, between the District of Columbia and James McCaudlish, after deducting therefrom the amount expended on account of repairs during the guaranty period. Q;;;;;?;;;?- Cover-Horsn BUILDING: To alter certain rooms in the second and 'in the third stories of the District of Columbia court-house building, which rooms are now occupied by the second division of the equity court and by the surveyor of the District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction of the Architect of the United States Capitol, two thousand seven hundred dollars. §·i¤~_·¤¤¤t Brim- Rnpnins ro Aomcnucr Bmncm: For reconstruction of Pier Num- ”"“"”‘ bered Four of the Aqueduct Bridge across the Potomac River at