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284 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 373. 1896. Congress in Senate Document Numbered Two hundred and seventeen, Fifty-fourth Congress, iirst session, one thousand and ninety-two dollars and fifty cents. For payment of Treasury settlements certified to Congress and reported in Senate Miscellaneous Document Numbered Fiftyseven, Fifty- third Congress, third session, eight thousand dollars. For payment of Treasury settlements certified to Congress, Fifty-third Congress, second session, and reported in Senate Executive Document Numbered Thirty-three, Fifty-third Congress, third session, nineteen thousand dollars. To pay the claims (Treasury settlements) certified in Senate Executive Document Numbered N inety-eight, second session Fifty-third Congress, thirty-five thousand seven hundred and ninety-one dollars and sixtyseven cents. To pay the claims (Treasury settlements) certified in House Miscellaneous Document Numbered Fifty-six, third session Fifty-third Congress, thirty-seven thousand three hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty-four cents. Ewen- ommgd RELIEF OF 0E1zTA1N OFFICERS OF THE Cours OF ENGINEERS: P°°°°’ “u°wThe Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed, in settling the disbursing accounts of Colonels William P. Craighill and George H. Mendell and of Major James C. Post, deceased, to allow and credit them with the amounts authorized and allowed them by the Secretary of War while traveling on duty in Europe, for rent of rooms not exceeding two dollarspu day each for two rooms for the time specified in the orders of the Secretary of War directing them to make the journeys, but which amounts have been disallowed by the accounting omcers of the Treasury. . · g;Q_¢¤¤¤~=¤·¤•1¤· BATTLE LINES no srT1¤.:s‘ ron Tnnnrs AT Arwrrnnmz For con- °'°""’°°’ tinuing the work of surveying, locating, and preserving lines of battle of the Army of the Potomac andthe Army of Northern Virginia, at Antietam, Maryland, three hundred dollars. mfg;! vf indiserrt Brmrsr. OF INDIGENT s0LD1ER.s: For expenses of burying in the ' Arlington National Cemetery, or in the cemeteries of the District of Columbia, indigent ex-Union soldiers, sailors, and marines of the late civil war who die in the District of Columbia, to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding fifty dollars for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, seven hundred dollars. geiioymors ran;. YELLOWSTONE Nrrrorur. PARK: For repairs and maintenance of °‘"`“"‘ °"" existing roads and bridges, and improvement and protection of the park, to be available until expended, five thousand dollars. Hzmuuceer s»mi<»r¤‘ Nrrroiur. Hom}; por: DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS: For conn.·,.;.n.,, S,,.,,;,.,,,, struction and repairs; To reimburse the governor (P. T. Woodfin) of the B“*“°“· Southern Branch for money paid from his personal funds for repairs to the governor’s quarters at that Branch during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-four, one thousand three hundred and nine dollars _ and ten cents. {‘?;‘_§‘°,jg ‘;*;br__,p,,,“_ That the appropriation of one thousand three hundred dollars in the u...,, sundry civil appropriation Act, making appropriations for sundry civil I ""¤ *"‘"· expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, and for other purposes, “For leasin g additional ground for the Marion Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Marion, lndiana/’ shall also be available for the purchase of gas pipe. swmuurmmmsi STATE AND TERRITORIAL Ho1rEs: For continuing aid to State or H""’°”‘ Territorial Homes for the support of disabled volunteer soldiers, in con· ‘;··¤-?5.p.450. formity with the Act approved August twenty-seventh, eighteen hun- ,Q;j]QjiQ,(m dred and eightyeight: Provided, That 0ne—half of any sum or sums ` retained by State Homes on account of pensions received by the inmates shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for, one hundred and _ fifty thousand dollars. rniigiiii di»¤ili$“iHY’° ROAD TO NATIONAL CEMETERY, ILLINOIS; For the construction ot " a graveled road starting at a point on the north side of Cache River,