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Frrrrronnrn oonensss. sms. I. on. 373. 1896. 295 Columbia, with the sum of one hundred and forty-one dollars paid for fuel lor the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety; with the sum of thirty-tive dollars and twelve cents paid for ice third quarter of eighteen hundred and eightymine; and with the sum of forty-tive dollars and eighty-tl1ree cents paid W. C. Talley, junior, letter carrier, for overtime. CREDIT TO WILLIAM M. MASI: That the Postmaster—General is Wmim M· Mwhereby authorized to credit William M. Masi, late postmaster at Chey- Cr°°h°m *`°°°"°°°° enne, \Vyomin g, with two thousand six hundred and twenty-four dollars and fourteen cents, the amount now standing charged against him; upon the receipt by the Secretary of the Treasury of the full amount of all dividends heretofore paid or hereafter to be paid by the receiver of the Cheyenne National Bank in the administration of the assets of said bank upon the case of William M. Masi all further liability of said William M. Masi and of his sureties to the United States of America upon his official bond as postmaster at Cheyenne, Wyoming, shall cease and determine as to the extent of certain funds belonging to the United States which were deposited and upon deposit by the said Masi in said Cheyenne National Bank at the time it closed its doors and ceased to do business and went into the hands of the receiver: Provided, however, irvgg f be d That nothing in this Act contained shall operate as a release to the "` y° u ' said Masi and his sureties on his official bond of any liabilities to the United States which may have been incurred by said Masi while acting as postmaster at Cheyenne other than as to the amount so deposited and on deposit in said bank as aforesaid. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. ti£`¤r¤¤m¤¤¢ of ·T¤¤— CONTINGENT EXPENSES: For official transportation, Department of C°“**“g°“‘°‘P°“°°“· Justice, including purchase, keep, and shoeing of animals, and purchase and repair of wagons and harness, for the iiscal year eighteen hundred gurl ninety-five, to pay the account of John H. Gheen, twenty-tive ol ars. For miscellaneous expenses, including telegraphing, fuel, lights, foreign postage, labor, repairs of building and care of grounds, and other nccessaries, one thousand one hundred dollars. For the purpose of providing the necessary books to be used in the United States marshals’ offices and in the Department of Justice, in order to establish a uniform system of bookkeeping for United States marshals, ten thousand dollars. · For official transportation on account of tiscal years as follows: For iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, one hundred and forty-six dollars and ninety-five cents. For iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, five dollars and thirty-five cents. For law books for library, being for the liscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, four hundred and ninety-two dollars and forty cents. AGREEMENTS wirn Easrmzn BAND or CHEROKEE Innnmsz To Eastern cuemkee pay the decree of the United States circuit court, western district of I"§Q",f{§g,,,,, of mt North Carolina, in the cause of the United States versus William H. Thomas and others, settling the title to certain land in controversy in said suit, six hundred and twentytwo dollars. r To pay the accounts of J. R. Snow, clerk, and N. B. Thompson, register of deeds, of Swain County, North Carolina, and John R. Long, register, and William H. Thomas, junior, justice of the peace, of Jackson County, North Carolina, for taking acknowledgements of deeds, privy examinations of married women, recording decrees, and so forth, one hundred and thirty-four dollars and eighty-tive cents. RENT Arm INCIDENTAL EXPENSES, TERRITORY or ALASKA: To ’,§j§‘,‘}‘f‘f;x,,,,,,m,,_ pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation for rent of offices and incidental expenses for the marshal, district attorney, commissioners, Territory of Alaska, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-tive. sixty dollars.