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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 373. 1896. 301 To reimburse the official reporters of the proceedings and debates of Q,¤;jjL;r°g;**¤*¤· the Senate for expenses incurred during the lirst session of the Fifty- I °°’ fourth Congress, for clerk hire and other extra. clerical services, three thousand four hundred and ninety dollars. To pay Edward T. Mathews, late clerk of the Committee on Naval Edw¤rdT-Mathews. Aiiairs, for extra services as acting clerk of the Joint Committee on E‘""°°"*°°“‘ the Personnel of the Navy during the Fifty-third Congre s, compiling and indexing the testimony, and so forth, five hundred dollars. To pay Francis M. Cox for work and expenses incurred in preparing Fr¤¤5=i¤ M. Cox. for the printer and supervising the publication of the •‘Proceedings in s°'“°°“‘ Congress upon the acceptance of the statues of John Stark and Daniel Webster," under the direction of the Committee on Printing, as pro- . vided by resolution of the Senate adopted December twenty-second, eighteen hundred and niuetyfour, three hundred dollars. To reimburse the clerk of the Senate Committee on Pensions for §;¤¤¥>;¤B;7gg·;1;j,j§¤· moneys actually paid out by him during the first, second, and third °° ' sessions of the Fiftythird Congress and first session of the Fifty-fourth Congress, for stenographer and clerical hire, twenty-two months, seven hundred and seventy dollars. To pay to Benjamin Durfee, for extra services rendered to the Com- £e¤g¤¤¤i¤ *9*****- mittee on Finance of the Senate during the consideration of the tariff X "°m°°°` gilll of eighteen hundred and ninety-four, two thousand five hundred ol ars. To pay Watson Boyle for services as clerk to the conference of the Watson Boyle. minority from March fourth to March fifteenth, eighteen hundred and S""°°°‘ ninety-three, seventy-two dollars. To pay William A. Fields for extraordinary services in transferring gi @**;*,4- 1*******- and rearranging the papers and relettering the boxes of the files of the ict: "° "°°"°' °°“ Senate from the Sixteenth Congress to the Forty-ninth Congress, inclusive, rendered necessary by certain changes and improvements made by the Secretary of the Senate for the better preservation and greater convenience for reference of the files, four hundred dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay the following persons, (,.0*;** ¤j°=;*¤'¤I1>=¤y w who were excluded by decision of the Comptroller of the Treasury from ‘i}°.,i°?E§fL.?fsii °y°°°` the benefits of the provision in the sundry civil Act, approved August _ eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, authorizing payment to the ofncers and employees of the Senate who were borne on the rolls of the Senate August first, eighteen hundred and ninetythree, and who were not borne on said rolls November third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, of a sum equal to one month’s pay at the rate of compensation paid them at the time of their discharge, namely: To Williain A. Merritt, one hundred dollars; James McBride, ninety dollars; Godfrey Beck, ninety dollars; Matthew Healey, eighty-three dollars and thirty- three cents; Thomas P. Mitchell, ninety dollars; Hammett S. Delaplane, sixty dollars; W. H. Bright, sixty dollars; G. W. Thomas, folder, sixty dollars; and G. W. Thomas, fifty dollars, to be paid out of the unexpended balance of the appropriation made by said Act of August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four. To pay Charles H. Evans for services in preparing statistics on gg3S5g8H-E'"¤¤· imports and exports, as contained in Senate Report Numbered Two ` hundred and fifty-nine, Fitty-third Congress, second session, one thousand five hundred dollars. To pay Mrs. Nannie Watkins, widow of Lieutenant M. F. Watkins, gig?-::§j§*§,§,,nw deceased, who died while a lieutenant of the Capitol police, six hundred ym ` dollars, being one-half of a year’s salary. To pay Mrs. Mary C. Stone, widow of'Charies Stone, who died while {>_§=¤r1¤¤ Siwv-d a member of the Capitol police, five hundred and fifty dollars, being "’""°°° t"`" "' one-half of a year’s salary. To pay Mrs. Hattie Newsom, widow of James A. Newsom, who died ·{;;¤:;$g¤;3z¤; while a member of the Capitol police, four hundred and fifty dollars, Y ' being one-half of a year’s salary.