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l·`lFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 373. 1896. 307 For party expenses, Coast and Geodetic Survey, one thousand one $11*;;:** wl G°°‘°“° hundred and twentyone dollars and sixty-six cents. y` For North American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, four dollars E¤¤¤¤l<>zS’· and seventy-seven cents. For contingent expenses, mint at Carson, one hundred and ninety- C°'°°¤·’¤*¤'°· two dollars and twenty-eight cents. _ For salaries and expenses of agents and subordinate officers of internal I¤:s¤ M ¤¤·r¤v¤¤¤•¤ revenue, seven dollars and ninety-two cents. °g°° ° For punishment for violation of internal-revenue laws, three hundred N§'(f;fj§:§vsi¤“¤“· and seventyeight dollars, and fifty- six cents. ` For re ayment of taxes on distilled spirits destroyed by casualty, F~¤P¤·5’i¤E¤¤¤•¤· five bundled and thirteen dollars and ninety cents. For drawback on stills exported, one hundred dollars. “”="""*°k °¤ ¤°i“°· For collecting the revenue trom customs, one hundred and forty-six ¤··¤¤¤*i¤··= <=¤¤¤>¤¤¤· dollars and forty-eight cents. For repayment to importers excess of deposits, three hundred and Rernyingimpormsninetydive dollars and thirty·iivo cents. For debentures or drawbacks, bounties or allowances, three hundred D¤*W*>¤°l=¤- and five dollars and eighty-nine cents. _ For Marine-Hospital Service, ninety-three cents. M“”"° ‘*°°P“*'°· For Quarantine Service, fourteen dollars and twenty-seven cents. Q¤”°¤**¤°· For Life-Saving Service, ilve hundred and eighty-tive dollars and ¤f¤·S¤vi¤&$¤¤i¤•· sixty-seven cents. For supplies of light-houses, sixteen dollars and fifty-six cents. Pl§·°f_$‘*°·**°“¤° °“P· For expenses of buoyage, ninetysix dollars and ninety-five cents. nuoyags. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE WAR w(;}“}§;j;a$,';‘Q,§Qf f°’ DEPARTMENT. For contingencies of the Army, fifty-seven cents. A¤¤¥· _ For expenses of recruiting, six hundred and fifty-one dollars and twelve §‘f,'Qf{{}§$,';‘°“‘ cents. For pay, and so forth, of the Army, four thousand eight hundred and P¤y· thirty-five dollars and ninety-nine cents. For pay of Military Academy, thirty-six dollars and ninety-eight cents. Milimy A°=·l¤¤*¥· For pay of two and three year volunteers, four thousand four hundred PW *°'¤¤**>*>*¤· and forty dollars and forty-six cents. For bounties to volunteers, their widows and legal heirs, ilve thousand “°‘“"Y· "°"'“‘?°'°· six hundred and ninety-one dollars and seventy-four cents. For bounty under Act of July twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and #‘·*“"**°"¤l *>°¤¤°¥- sixty-six, one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. For subsistence of the Army, three hundred and fifty-one dollars and S“*’“‘"°"°°· sixty-one cents. For regular supplies, Quartermastens Department, one hundred and m§;ggf°geI,3‘;;fj:{ seven dollars and eighty-seven cents. For incidental expenses, Quartermaster’s Department, one thousand E¤¤>•¤¤¤¤¤- and ninety-nine dollars and seventy-four cents. For transportation of the Army and its supplies, two thousand seven Tnnspm-mi¤¤· ‘ hundred and eighty-nine dollars and ninety-seven cents. For horses for cavalry and artillery, two hundred and fifty dollars. H¤¤¤¤· g For barracks and quarters, one thousand and fifty-eight dollars. ,mB‘f"""k" ‘”"‘ q"‘“" For Medical and Hospital Department, twenty-two dollars and fifty mksgdivel verve cents. ` For artificial limbs, thirty dollars. Amiicial “¤·l*¤· For ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, twenty-seven dollars 0¤i¤¤¤•¤¤· and thirty cents. _ For Signal Service, transportation, two dollars and twenty-four cents. $**1***** S°“’i°°- For military telegraph lines, twenty-five dollars and forty-three cents. T¤l¤g*=r·l¤ l*¤¤¤- For support of National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, one Hf:;¤¤¤¤•>r S¤1<ii¤¤’ hundred and seventytwo dollars and forty cents._ For commutation of rations to prisoners of war in rebel States and m§;'f'*“‘“°“"°¤ °’ '* to soldiers on furlough, fifty·mne dollars.