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320 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 395. 1896. where said companies, or either of them, may have the right toconstruct and operate its road, and place in such trenches and excavations all ‘ needful and convenient devices for machinery for operating said railnxpsum. road in the manner and by the means aforesaid. But whenever such trenches or excavations shall interfere with any sewer, gas, or water pipes, or any subways or conduits, or any public work of the kind which has been ordered by the Commissioners, then the expense necessaryto change such underground construction shall be borne by the said railway company making such trench or excavation. S°’·°*P°'°¤*°¤°¤· Sec. 9. That each of the said corporations shall at all times keep the space between their tracks and rails and two feet exterior thereto in such condition as the Commissioners of the District of Columbia or their successors may direct; and whenever any street occupied by ·~ either of said railways is paved and repaired or otherwise improved, · the said corporation shall bear all expense of improving the spaces above described. Should either of the said corporations fail to comply with the orders of the Commissioners the work shall be done by the proper oihcials of the District of Columbia, and the amounts due from such corporation shall be collected as provided by section live of the vin. zo, p. 105. Act entitled “An Act providing for a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia," approved June eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventyeight. nA3gp5g;; ‘ Sec. 10. That every street-railroad corporation in the District of Zaima compmiest Columbia, and every such corporation which shall hereafter be organ· ` ized, shall, on or before the iirst day of February in each year, make a report to each the Senate and the Houseof Representatives, which report shall be sworn to and signed by the president and treasurer ot such corporation,_and shall cover the period of one year ending the ` thirtydirst da of December previous to the date of ‘ making the report. - °·?¤°°¤*·· · Such report shall state the amount of capital stock, with a list of the · — stockholders and the `amount of stock held by each; the amount of ` capital stock paid in; the total amount now of funded debt; the amount of floating debt; the average rate per annum of interest on funded debt; amount of dividends declared; cost of roadbed and superstructure, including iron; cost of land, buildings, and fixtures, including land damages; cost of cars,horses, harness, and motors and other machinery; total cost of road and equipment; length of road in miles; length of double track, including sidings; weight of rail, by yard; the number of cars and of horses; the number of motors; the total number of passengers carried in cars; the average time consumed by passenger cars in passing over the road; repairs of roadbed and railway, including iron, and repairs of buildings and fixtures; total cost of maintaining road and real estate; cost of general superintendeuce; salaries of officers, clerks, agents, and office expenses; wages paid conductors, drivers, engineers, and motor men; water and other taxes; damages to persons and property, including medical attendance; rents, includinguse of other roads; total expense of operating road, and repairs; receipts from passengers; receipts from all other sources, specifying what, in detail; total receipts from all sources during the year; payments for maintenance and repairs; payments for interest; payments for dividends ou stock, amount and rate per ceutum; total payments during the year; the number of persons injured in life and limb; the cause of the injury, and whether passengers, employees, or other persons. Fm- Sec._11. That each of said companies shall receive a rate of fare not exceeding five cents per passenger, and the said companies, and each of _ them, shall make arrangements with all existing railway companies __,jf"**"°*’“”g"°“‘°‘*‘ in the District of Columbia for the interchange of tickets in payment ¥·—qm·». of fare on its road: Provided, That within the limits of the District of " ‘ “‘ Columbia six tickets shall be sold for twenty-tive cents. A=·¤¤¤<l¤¤¤¤¤·· me Sec. 12. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act. Approved, June 10, 1896.