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FIFTY-FOUB.TH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 398. 1896. 34] upon such terms, regulations, and conditions as shall be prescribed by him, for a. term not exceeding five years for tanning or grazing purposes, or ten years for mining or business purposes. The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to §·e*“{{*°Y- reimburse, upon the presentation of proper evidence, out of any 11n6x- um m°mm' peuded balance of the appropriation for the support of Sioux of diiferout tribes, including Santee Sioux of Nebraska, for the fiscal year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, the Rev. E. Ashley, of Cheyenne River Agency, South Dakota, for money expended by him in the employment of counsel to defend seven Indian policemen of said agency, charged with the crime of murder: Provided, That not more §¤>•>*•¤- than seven hundred dollars be used ior this purpose. °'°"°°‘ That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed “f°“‘ **“ LM Imito ascertain and determine the amounts due various merchants of rhymm for sup. Cloquet and Fond du Luc, Minnesota, from certain Fond du Lac Indians, Ph"' not exceeding in the aggregate six thousand six hundred dollars, for i supplies furnished to said Indians, at the request of the Indian farmer, during the years eighteen hundred and eighty-eight and eighteen hun— dred and eighty-nine, or upon orders approved by the Indian iarmer drawn upon and accepted by certain contractors for the purchase of pine timber on lands allotted to or selected by said Indians or claimed by them, and to pay said merchants the amount thund due them, or each of them, their proportion of said sum out of any money 011 hand paid the United States by said contractors, or any of them, in settlement or satisfaction for pine timber cnt upon such lands. - To pay the expense of the preparation of a digest, under the direction mfj§;j1g;f g‘££;;¤¤· of the Commissioner of Indian Aftairs, of the decisions of the courts " ` and the Interior Department, and the opinions of the Attorney»Gene1*al relating to Indian Aiiairs, three thousand dollars. For the construction, purchase, and use of irrigating tools and appli- §£g:;g>;¤·0f t I ances on Indian reservations, in the discretion of the Secretary of the m. °° s' Interior, and subject to his control, thirty thousand dollars, and of this amount not exceeding two thousand seven hundred dollars may be used iorthe temporuryemploymentof persons of practical experieneein irriga- mpms. tion work at a compensation not to exceed seventy- five dollars per month each, and not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars for necessary traveling and incidental expenses of such persons. For completing the _P¤y=p¤ui> Indian work of the Puyallup Indian Commission appointed under the Act of °‘Z?,1§2"T§§’],k ,,,,,k_ March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, to select and appraise "¤¤-¥"»1>·¤“~*¤· such portions of the allotted lands within the Puyallup Indian Reserva- **""· P· 2*- tion, Washington, as are not required for homes for the Indian allottees · and also that part of the agency tract exclusive of the burying ground not needed for school purposes, and for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said commission, tour thousand dollars to be reimbursed to the United States out of the proceeds of the sale of the agency tract and allotted lands, as provided in said Act, to be immediately available, and said commission shall conclude its work and terminate on or before the first day of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-six. _ For survey and subdivision of Indian reservations, and of lands to h§g*‘*‘°Y*¤¤**¤d ¤U<>*- be allotted to Indians, and to make allotments in severalty, to be °` expended by the Commissioner of Indian Ailairs, under the direction ot' the Secretary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars. _ For survey and subdivision of the Colville Indian Reservation in the n_Q\‘*{\1£,}_° R•*¤"‘i¤· State of Washington, and of lands to be allotted to the Indians thereon, sémwiug. ac. ten thousand dollars, to be immediately available and to be reimbursable from the proceeds of lands of said reservation when sold. _ _ The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to appoint a com— m§Q”;,'Q}‘§*}Q_‘_g{jj,Qj§f; mission to consist of three persons, not more than two of whom shall cession 0c1am1s..-ec. be of the same political party, and not more than one of whom shall be resident of any one State, to negotiate with the following Indians, namely: \Vith the Crow and Flathead Indians in the State of Montana for the cession of portions of their respective reservations; with the Northern Cheyenne and (‘i-ow Indians for the removal of said Northern