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356 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 398. 1896. marked, shall be fixed and remain unchanged, no matter what alterations may hereafter take place in the course of said creek, or in the level of said lake. The expense of such survey shall be shared equally between the United States and the tribes occupying this reservation, but the unskilled laborers employed in the work shall be hired from among the Indians residing on this reservation. Such survey and the marking of the above-described boundary lines shall be begun immediately—not later than ninety days after the approval of this agreement by Congress-and completed as speedily as possible, and the ceded portion of the reservation shall not be thrown open to occupancy by the whites until after the new boundaries of the reservation shall have been established and marked. 4 Anrrcnn VII. m¢"*·'°""‘Y- . It is further agreed that whenever, in the opinion of the President, the public interests require the construction of raihoads or other high- _ ways, telegraph or telephone lines, canals and irrigating ditches, through any portion of this reservation, right of way shall be and is hereby granted for such purposes, under such rules, regulations, limitations, and restrictions as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe; the compensation to be fixed by said Secretary and by him expended for the benefit of the Indians. . Anrrcnn VIII. m‘”°m""' It is further agreed and provided that none of the money realized from the sale of this land shall be applied to the payment of any judgment which has been or may hereafter be rendered upon any claim for damages because of depredations committed by said Indians prior to the date of this agreement. Anrrcm IX. caf;;?;', ¤¤¢¤¤¤¤* The provisions of Article VI of the agreement between the parties ' hereto, made February 11, 1887, are hereby continued in full force and effect, as are also all the provisions of said agreement not in eonilict with the provisions of this agreement. Anrrcrn X. ,,}f,$P“*"g °' "I"‘ It is understood and declared that wherever the word Indian is used in this agreement it includes mixed bloods as well as full bloods. Anrrcnn XI. "‘**“""“°" This agreement shall not be binding upon either party until ratified by Congress. Dated and signed at Blackteet Agency, Montana, on the twenty-sixth day of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive (A. D. 1895). san"} Wu.mAM C. Pornocx. san. Gao. Bran Gnrnnnm. SEAL.] WALTER M. Cnnmmzrs. O ms TAI ro inn, his x mark (WHITE CALF), and others. \Vitness: J. E. Wann. A. B. Hamixroiv. Gaoncn Samara, United States Indian Agent. B1.Acx1~*m:·r Input: Acmccr, September 28, 1895. I, J. W. Schultz, hereby certify that I wrote the names appearing upon the foregoing pages, the same being those that were signed by