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400 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 419. 1896. Wi·*•¤¤¤8 ¤¤·¤¤·¤ streets: Provided, That no part of the amount hereby appropriated °v°°°°' shall be expended on Sherman avenue until the owners thereof dedicate ` to the District of Columbia the ground for widening Sherman avenue in conformity with the adopted and recorded plans of highway exten- . sions- _ Constructing tuna. For taking down brick building on the northeast corner of Gariield §g·m€K·,j '°’ d Memorial Hospital grounds, the removal of which has been made necessary by reason of the widening and grading of Sherman avenue at that point, and constructing another building on said premises to take its place, seven thousand nve hundred dollars; For grading and regulating Columbia road, Sixteenth street northwest extended, Prospect street, Crescent street, Superior street, Erie street, Central street, Meridian and Ontario avenues, Meridian Hill: Continuing improvement, five thousand dollars; connecticut avenue That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia be, and they are °"°"d°°· hereby, required to examine into the proposed extension of Connecticut B¤r¤r¤· avenue from Florida avenue to the District line, and report to Congress ‘ on or before the iirst Monday of December next, the comparative advantages and disadvantages and comparative cost of opening said Connecticut avenue on a straight extension of the line thereof as now established in the city of Washington, instead of opening the same on the deffected line heretofore adopted and now on file; and that hom and _ S¤~1>¤¤ei¤¤ ¤¤>¤¤·1— after the passage of this Act, no building permits shall be granted "" ’°"'”‘"‘ ‘ upon ground which would be covered by either extension of said Con- ,,,, v_ ,.,,_ necticut avenue, until otherwise provided by law. ' For grading Massachusetts avenue extended, ten thousand dollars; ·For grading and graveling Albemarle street and opening same by purchase or condemnation to Grant road: Continuing improvement, nine thousand dollars; . For grading Illinois avenue, five thousand dollars; For grading and graveling Pierce and High streets, Anacostia, from J eferson to Maple, provided the land necessary to unite the e streets _ be iirst dedicated, three thousand dollars; _°ff;';g$§w{"*’*¥· For paying court expenses and fees of commissioners and paying for ground taken and damages to property to open and extend Thirty- seventh street between Back street and Tennallytown road, at or near Schneider lane, as per plat and proceedings already had in the supreme court of the District of Columbia and award of court commissioners made therein, nine thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be immediately available; For improving and protecting Connecticut avenue extended, beyond Rock Creek, ten thousand dollars;

  • 3******* B"”'°*‘ '°°"· For continuing the macadamizing of the road extending from the

Broad Branch road to Chevy Chase Circle, five thousand dollars; and ,_§d¤¤¤¤v¤v¤¤¤¤ ¤f authority is given to the District Commissioners to reconvey to the ' original owners any portion of said road upon receiving a conveyance of an equivalent in conformity with the new plan of highways; For grading and regulating Yale, Bismark, Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia streets, between Seventh and Fourteenth streets, seventeen _ _ thousand dollars; in all, ninety thousand nve hundred dollars. ,,j*j,Q}‘_Q';{;f’§;c_“""" For sprinkling, sweeping, and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, one hundred and thirty thousand five hundred dollars. g;1¤p;g¤gmw.¤¤- For cleaning snow and ice from cross walks and gutters, and soforth, ° "‘ ‘ under the Act approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety- five, one thousand dollars. · _i1;_·¤·ki¤g Comm-- Fon crm-: Pnnxmc- Commssrom For contingent expenses, includ- °ing laborers, cart hire, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, planting and care of trees on city and suburban streets, whitewashing, care of parks, and miscellaneous items, twenty thousand dollars. I-iz¤¤*i¤z· LIGHTING: For illuminating material, lighting, extinguishing, repairing, and cleaning public lamps on avenues, streets, roads, and alleys; purchasing and expense of erecting new lamp-posts, street designations. lanterns, and lixtures; moving lamp-posts, painting lamp-posts and lanterns; replacing and repairing lamp-posts and lanterns damaged or