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{0* FIFTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sn s. I. C11. 419. 1896. Giesboro, is hereby made available toward the construction of said eighbroom building. For one new two-room building and site on or near the line of Connecticut avenue extended, eight thousand dollars. 0¤¤d¤it rw! build- The appropriation of eight thousand dollars for one new four-room mhhmnm Orme. building, sixth division A, Conduit road, made by the District appro- V°l· ”· P· *55: priation Act approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, is hereby authorized to be used for the purchase of a site and the erection of said building. For reconstructing Stevens building, six thousand dollars. For site for, and toward the construction oi, a new building for the Western High School, fifty thousand dollars, and the total cost of said Western High School building, including cost of site, under a contract which is hereby authorized therefor, shall not exceed one hundred thousand dollars: ` mma. Provided, That the total cost of the site and of the several and °°°°°"'"°°‘ respective buildings herein provided for, when completed upon plans and specifications to be previously made and approved, shall not ` exceed the several and respective sums of money herein respectively appropriated for such purposes.· 1’r¤1¤¤·1¤s1¤1•¤•··*<=- That the plans and specifications for each of said buildings, and for all other buildings provided for in this Act, shall be prepared by the inspector of buildings of the District of Columbia, and shall be approved by the Architect of the Capitol and the Commissioners of the District, and said buildings shall be constructed by the Commissioners in con- - formity therewith. 1'1•¢•- For the purpose of purchasing a sumcient number of United States iiags to place on every public schoolhouse in the District of Columbia on school days and during school hours, the sum of one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended by the school trustees of the District, and to be immediately available. I’·>“¤°· l FOR METROPOLITAN POLICE. _ S=¤¤i°¤· For major and superintendent, three thousand three hundred dollars; captain, one thousand eight hundred dollars; three lieutenants, inspectors, at one thou and five hundred dollars each; chief clerk, who shall also be property clerk, two thousand dollars; clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; clerk, nine hundred dollars; four surgeons of the police and fire departments, at five hundred and forty dollars each; for additional compensation for twelve privates detailed for special service in the detection and prevention of crime, two thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; nine lieutenants, at one thousand three hundred and twenty dollars each; thirty- one sergeants, at one thousand one hundred and forty dollars each ; two hundred and eighty-six privates, class one, at nine hundred dollars each; one hundred and ninety-four privates, class two, at one thousand and eighty dollars each; twenty station keepers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; eight laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; laborer in charge of the morgue, six hundred and eighty dollars; messenger, seven hundred dollars; messenger, five hundred dollars; major and superintendent, mounted, two hundred and forty dollars; captain, mounted, two hundred and forty dollars; forty-three lieutenants, sergeants, and privates, mounted, at two hundred and forty dollars each; twenty-three drivers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; and three police matrons, at six hundred dollars each; in all tive P _ hundred and seventy-six thousand nine hundred and forty dollars: D§'§”.,ZQK;,, i,, ,,1,,; Provided, That hereafter the Commissioners of the District of Colum-

  • '¤¤·*•- bia are hereby authorized and directed to deposit with the Treasurer of

the United States, out of receipts from lines in the police court, a sudicient amount to meet any deficiency in the police fund or the iiremen’s relief fund.