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406 FIFTY-FO URTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 419. 1896. other necessary items, eight thousand dollars; in all, thirtyeight thou- _ sand nve hundred dollars. Mw h°““°‘ °t°‘ INCREASE FIRE DEPARTMENT: For house, lot, and furniture for one engine company to be located in the vicinity of North Capitol street _ and Florida avenue, twenty-three thousand dollars; E"g“““· For one steam tire engine, four thousand two hundred dollars; H°*’° °““'*“g°· For one hose carriage, nine hundred dollars; in all, twenty-eight thousand one hundred dollars. F¤¤l·¤¤s¤- To exchange old-style straightframe engine for modern upright, three thousand five hundred dollars. ,,,§B‘;u$“8*“°·M°“° For one new engine to be placed in house now occupied by chemical ` engine numbered two at Mount Pleasant, four thousand two hundred dollars. wg;?"- °*"·· “’*g"*‘ For house, lot, and furniture to be located in the vicinity of Brightwood to accommodate chemical engine company numbered two, now in service at Mount Pleasant, fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars. Telegraph and wie- TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE SERVICE. phone service. S¤l¤*i¤¤· For superintendent, one thousand six hundred dollars; electrician, one thousand two hundred dollars; three telegraph operators, at one thousand dollars each; three telephone operators, at six hundred dollars each; expert repairman, nine hundred and sixty dollars; two repairmen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; two laborers, at . four hundred dollars each; in all, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. S“PP”°* For general supplies, repairs, new batteries and battery supplies, telephone rental and purchase, wire for extension of the telegraph and telephone service, repairs of lines and instruments, purchase of poles, tools, insulators, brackets, pin s, hardware, cross-arms, ice, record book s, stationery, printing, purchase of harness, washing, blacksmithing, forage, extra labor, new boxes, and other necessary items, eleven thousand dollars. W$:°;{;f‘g P°‘"· Fon RENEWING CITY LINES: For the purchase and setting of sixty- foot poles; necessary cross-arms and insulators to renew the decayed lines; purchase of copper wire to replace worn-out iron line wire, and extra labor for taking down the old wire and putting up new wire, five thousand dollars. h§lgr;>:¤·>¤¤•¤¤r¤¤¤¤ The Commissioners of the District are hereby directed to report to ' " “Congress, at its next regular session, what charges are made in the District of Columbia to the public and to the Government for the use of telephones, and the relative charges made for the use of telephones in other cities, operated by underground and overhead wires. Health department. DEPARTMENT. S¤l¤ri¤¤- For health officer, three thousand dollars; nine sanitary and food inspectors, who shall also be charged with enforcement of garbage regulations, at one thousand two hundred dollars ewh; sanitary and food inspector, who shall also inspect dairy products, and shall be a practical chemist, one thousand five hundred dollars; sanitary and food inspector, who shall be a veterinary surgeon for all departments of the District government, and act as inspector of live stock and dairy farms. one thousand two hundred dollars: inspector of marine products, one thousand two hundred dollars; chief clerk and deputy health officer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; four clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, two of whom may also act as/sanitary and food inspectors; clerk, one thousand dollars; messenger and janitor, six hundred dollars; pound master, one thousand two hundred dollars; laborers, at not exceeding forty dollars per month. one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars; ambulance driver, four hundred and eighty dollars; in all, thirty thousand nine hundred dollars.