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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 420. 1896. 415 the completion of said building shall be available either for that purpose or for the purchase or condemnation of additional land. For the appraiser’s warehouse at New York City, New York: For §°‘” Y°"$- gopltinuation of building under present limit, ive hundred thousand housgrmmrs Wa"` o ars. For court·house, custom-house, and post·office at Omaha, Nebraska: Omaha Nebr- $*05 continuation of building under present limit, one hundred thousand o ars. For custonrhouse and post-ofiice at Saint Albans, Vermont: For snn¤.·i11m¤¤,v•, rebuilding and repairing same, made necessary by recent iire, seventy thousand dollars. For post-office, court-house, and custom-house at Saint Paul, Minne- Saint Paul, Minn. sota: For continuation of building under present limit, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For court-house at Savannah, Georgia: For continuation of building, savsnmurca. twenty-five thousand dollars; and the limit of cost of said building is increased one hundred thousand dollars. H For courthouse and post-office at Salt Lake City, Utah: For purchase Sm Lake. Um. of site and commencement of construction of building, seventy-five thousand dollars. For court-house, post·otIice, and custom-house at Sioux City, Iowa: Si¤¤¤ Citylvwm For completion of building under present limit, sixty thousand dollars. For post-office at Wasliington, District of Columbia: For continua- E,‘;’;}jj,;*i¤g;°¤-D-C- tion of building under present limit, three hundred and seventyhve Limit oficost n.. thousand dollars; and the limit of cost of said building is increased °’°“““· four hundred and ten thousand dollars. For Treasury building at Washington, District of Columbia: For f,;°=j$;Y builmse repairs to Treasury, Butler, and Winder buildings, eight thousand dol- P ` lars. That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to submit to Congress WE;‘,Q§n;ft,_§*{§‘gd°· a plan giving the size and general characteristics of a public building rms to `bé bun to be used for a Hall of Records in the city of Washington, suitable for "““"°‘ the storage of papers, documents, and other records which have accumulated in the various Departments and are needed only for occasional use, and also for the storage and distribution of books and other publications issued by order of Congress; and said Secretary is directed before making his report to consult with the heads of the other Departments and the proper officers of the Senate and House of Representatives; and he is also directed to consider and report upon the suitableness for a site for such a building on the public reservation at the sm. intersection of Ohio and Louisiana avenues with Tenth and Twelfth streets, and of any other public grounds located within the city of Vlfashington within reasonable distance of the Departments to be accommodated by such a Hall of Records. For repairs and preservation of public buildings: Repairs and ,§§}],'f*’“ ““" P’°°°" preservation of custo1n·h0uses, court-houses, post-offices, marine hospitals, quarantine stations, and other public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, two hundred and nity thousand ` dollars; of which amount the sumd of thirty thousand dollars to P be used for the marine hospitals an quarantine stations: Provided, '·’”!°- That of the sum hereby appropriated, not exceeding ten thousand dol- Sup€nnt°ud°nm'm` lars may be used, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, in the employment of superintendents and others at a rate of compensation not exceeding thr any one person six dollars per day. For makin g certain proposed alterations in the postoffice building in Tgegrgeglgscggygcx New York City, and for improving, arranging, and furnishing certain cam. rooms therein in accordance with plans prepared by the Supervising Architect of the Treasury, to be done under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, the sum of sixty thousand dollars, such sum to be immediately available.