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428 FIFTY-Fonnrn couennss. Sess. 1. cn. 420. 1896. dollars; one clerk class one; one clerk, at nine hundred dollars; one copyist, seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, eleven thousand seven hundred and for dollars. Divi¤i¤¤¤f¤*··¤¤¢i¢¤. Division of statistic? and methods of the ilsheries: Assistant in °°°‘ charge, two thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk class four; one clerk of class one; two clerks, at one thousand dollars each; one clerk, at nine hundred dollars; two clerks, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; statistical agent, one thousand four hundred dollars; three statistical agents,·at one thousand dollars each; one local agent at Boston, Massachusetts, three hundred dollars; one local agent at Gloqlcestfg-(,dMas(§:;_chuse‘:Ist3 six hundred dollars; in all, fifteen thousand one un an orty dollars. yum;. H Vessel service: Steamer Albatross: One naturalist, one thousand

  • “’“°'°"‘ eight hundred dollars; one general assistant, one thousand two hundred

dollars; one iishery expert, one thousand two hundred dollars; clerk, one thousand dollars; in all, five thousand two hundred dollars. ··m.n1snwk.·· Steamer Fish Hawk: One cabin boy, three hundred dollars. ··e¤¤¤p¤•.·· Schooner Grampus: Master, one thousand five hundred dollars; first mate, one thousand and eighty dollars; second mate, eight hundred and forty dollars; cook, six hundred dollars; three seamen, at live hundred and forty dollars each; one cabin boy, four hundred and twenty dollars; in all, six thousand and sixty dollars. Mminintrntivn cx- Expenses of administration: For the contingent expenses of the office P°"'°" of the Commissioner, including stationery, purchase of special reports, books for library, telegraph and telephone service, furniture, repairsto, and heating, lighting, and ecgipming of and compensation of temporary employees, nine onsan o rs. ,,_€:l·•¤**•¤°*¤·¤· Propagation of food-nshes: For the maintenance, equipment, and operations of the flshcultural stations of the Commission, the general propagation of food-fishes and their distribution, including movement, maintenance, and repairs of cars, purchase of equipment and appagtus, ccgntlinlgent expenses, and temporary labor, one hundred and ten onsan dollars. “{¤¤¤¤¤¤•¤·=·¤fv¤¤+ Maintenance of vessels: For the maintenance of the vessels and launches, including the purchase and repair of boats, apparatus, machinery, and other facilities required for use with the same, and contingent expenses, thirty thousand five hundred dollars. fo£1¤<p;i£_ ¤>¤v·¤¤i¤z Inquiry respecting food-iishes: For field and contingent expenses of E;,,,,,,..;, the inquiry into the causes of the decrease of food-fishes in the lakes, rivers, and coast waters of the United States, and for the study of the waters of the interior in the interest of fish-culture; for the investigation of the iishing-grounds of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Paciiic coasts, with the view of determining their food resources, in the development of the commercial Hsheries, including the expenses of necessary travel and preparation of reports, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. ¤¤*¤•*=*¤•1*¤¤¤l=*•·· Statistical inquiry: For necessary traveling and contingent expenses in the collection and compilation of the statistics of the fisheries and the study of their methods and relations, tlve thousand dollars. "Q*sF;:°'*°“¤°°"*° °*· And ten per centum of the foregoing amounts for the miscellaneous expenses of the work of the Commission shall be available interchangeably for expenditure on the objects named, but no more than ten per centum shall be added to any one item of appropriation. Df{gfj:}°'Y· S°“‘*‘ Fish hatchery in South Dakota: For the establishment of a fishculture station in the Black Hills, in the State of South Dakota, at a point to be selected by the United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries, ten thousand dollars. gszsutgiegncommsres INTEBSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. S¤1=¤·i¤¤· For salaries of Commissioners, as provided by the “Act to regulate commerce," thirtyseven thousand five hundred dollars; v¤Lz4.1>~=’»¤6- For salary of secretary, as provided by the “Act to regulate com merce,” three thousand five hundred dollars;