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438 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420. 1896. "°’“"’“°“‘°‘“““· UNDER THE DEPARTMENT or STATE. Cf,‘Q,,'§F,§,;§*u°f"‘“’“’“ For Subscription of the United States as an adhering member of the International Prison Commission and the expenses of a commissioner to be appointed by the President, to be immediately available, two thousand dollars. _Ii:t<»¤¤ti¤¤¤1 Em- To enable the Government to take official part in the international '" ”’B°l“j°“ exhibition to be held at Brussels, Belgium, during the year eighteen · ggumim hundred and ninety-seven, five thousand dollars: Provided, That no expenditure exceeding this appropriation shall be made or liability incurred, and no person shall be paid salary or compensation therefrom. Ggajaymm For salary of consul at Alexandretta, Turkish Dominions, one thou- ' sand ilve hundred dollars. . C,f;'Ejl•i_B°¤¤d·W Authority is hereby given to expend from ·the appropriation of one Rene. hundred thousand dollars, made by the Act approved December

  • ‘”'“·*’·’· twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, for the expenses of the

Commission to Investigate and Report Upon the True Divisional Line Between the Republic of Venezuela and British Guiana, such amount for rent of building or part of building in the District of Columbia as may be deemed necessary by the Commission. w¤·D¤p•r•m¤¤r. UNDER THE WAR DEPARTMENT. I5:-umn. mn up. ARHOBIES AND ABSENALS. Rock I¤1¤¤d.Il1. For the Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois, as follows: mctnnm. For machinery and shop iixtures, ten thousand dollars. c¤¤,•n. For general care, preservation, and im rovements; for painting and care and preservation of permanent buildings; Ibr building fences and sewers and grading grounds, ten thousand dollars.

  • ‘°“'°B"*‘¤°· For renewing wood floor of the Moline Bridge, one thousand one

hundred and seventy-tive dollars and ilfty cents. For painting Moline Bridge and Rock Island Wagon Bridge, two thousand dollars. R<>¤¤¤l=¤•ib=¤z¤¤- For the Rock Island Bridge, as follows: For operating and care and preservation of Rock Island bridges and viaduct, twelve thousand dollars. For protecting Rock Island Bridge by means of sheer booms, two hundred and fifty dollars. §:j_°;;g“;£¤8- For additional amount for the reconstruction of the Bock Island '` Bridge, as authorized by the Act making appropriations for the sundry civil expenses of the Government lor the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety- ilve, ten thousand two hundred dollars. _ mmmca BEN1cIA ARSENAI., BENICIA, CALIFORNIA: For erection of a tireproof boiler house at thenew shops, two thousand five hundred dollars. "°*¤¤‘**¤~ "’°¤¤· COLUMBIA AESENAI., COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE: For improvement of grounds, constructing roads and walks, purchase and setting out of Shade trees, one tlnousannd dollars. For shop iixtnnes, shalting, hangers, pulleys, gearing, and belting connected therewith, for use with shop engine, five hundred dollars.

  • ‘·’·¤'*'°"‘·*’*· FRANKFORD ARSENAL, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: For purchase or manufacture of new machinery, ten thousand dollars.

S¤s··¤>‘ ¤·¤·¤.N- J-· SANDY Hoon PROVING GROUND, NEW JERSEY: For building and Pmnug gmm"' repairing roads and walks, and for general repairs to shops, storehouses, and quarters, two thousand five hundred dollars. 5n··‘*¤¤¤·**¤·¤··¤· SPRINGFIELD ARSENA1., SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS : For repairs and preservationn of grounds and of buildings, and machinery not used for manufacturing purpose , ten thousand dollars. WT;3 ¤_g mvhinv. TESTING MACHINE, WATERTDWN ARSENAL: For labor, and material ° Win caring for, preserving, and operating the United States testing machine at Y\'atertown Arsenal, including such new tools and applianccs as may be required, ten thousand dollars.