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440 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420. 1896. For laying asphalt walks in various reservations, two thousand dollars. ‘ For cleaning statues and repairing pedcstals, one lnumlrcd dollars. For improvement of Hancock Place, corner Pennsylvania. avenue mul Seventh street northwest, three bhousand dollars. zxwpum ummm. ExEcU*1‘1vE MA¤s10N: For cam, repair, uml refuruishing the Exec- R°*"‘"“*f“°""°‘ utive Mansion, twenty thousand dollars, to be expended by contract or otherwise, as the President may determine.` For fuel (br the Executive Mansion, greenhouses, and stable, three thousand dollars. . For cam and necessary repair of greenhouses, ibm- thousand dollars.

 For repairs to conservatory, Executive Mansion, two thousand

ollars. Jngpring 15¤¤¤:m: LIGHTING THE ExEOUr1vE MANSION AND PUBLIC GROUNDS: For $:23; "“ P gas, pay of lamplightcrs, gas litters, and laborers; purclmse, erection, and repair of lamps and lamp-posts; purchase of matches, and repairs of all kinds; fuel and lights ibn- office, officc stable, watchnmuk lodges, and for the greenhouses at ihc nursery, fourtccu thousand dollars: rm~;~»». Provided, That for each six-foot burner not connected with n. meter in M‘“""‘“"" *’°"“"“"‘ the lamps on the public grounds no more than twenty dollars shall be paid pgr iam;} for gas, including lighting, cleaning, gud keeping the lamps in repm1·,umler any expcmlnturc provided for 1u tlus Act; and ·r¤1».m.m»·y¤igus. said lamps shall burn every night on the average from forty live minutes after sunset to forty five minutes before sunrise; and authority is hereby given to substitute other illuminating material for the same or less price, and to use so much of the sum hereby appropriated as may bo sgnsnguxauug necessary for that purpose: Provided, That botbro any expenditures "“"“°"~ are made from the appropriations heroin provided for, the contracting gas company shall equip each lamp with n scllircgulntiug burner and tip, so combined and adjusted as to secure, under ull ordinary variations of pressure and density, sn consumption of five cubic feet of gas por hour. F1¤•=¤¤i¤li•¤h*•- For electric lights for three hundred and sixtyhvc nights from seven mxmnivo uuuon posts, at twenty cents per light per night, on grounds south of Executive ¤¤>·¤¤¤¤· Mansion, iivu hundred and eleven dollars. mlm. For electric lights for tlnrcc hundred and sixty-five nights for not exceeding thirty-two posts in Lafayette, Franklin, Jmliciury, and Liu- 00111 Parks, at twenty-eight cents per light per night, three thousand

  • "'°”*°· two hundred and seventy dollars and forty cents: Provided, That all

uuaergwumxwms. wires shall be placed underground, and that the conduits, wires, lumpposts complete, shall ba furnished by the electric light company withunt expense to the United States, uml that tweu¤y·ciglnt cents por lamp pcr night shall vcvcr the entire cost; to the United States of lighting and maintaining in good order auch electric light in the parks mentioned. _R<¤p¤ir M' w¤¢¤¤· REPAIR OF WATER r1r·1~:s: For repuirirngmnd extending water pipes, ’“"°“' purchase of apparatus thr cleaning them. purchase of bose, and for cleaning the springs and repairing and renewing the pipes of the sums that supply the Capitol, the Executive Mansion, and the buildingibr thu State, Wu1·, and Navy ])cpa.rtments, two thousand five lmmlred dollars. DT¤1··»zr=¤1·¥¤: <{=vi¤·>¤i TELEGRAPH T0 <·0Nx1·:cr THE CAPITOL WITII THE I)EPAR'|‘MEN'[‘S p,‘€,{}’f,f,j{'}§iL'.,_“‘ "“‘ AND GOVERNMENT Pmxrmu O1¤1·*1c1c: For care and repair of existing lines, one thousand five hundred dollars. R··r·1¤·=*¤zP¤l¤•·¤¤·"· For replacing the present old poles with new mad taller poles; and the ofliucr in charge of public buildings and grounds is hereby authorized to remove the old and erect new poles, replace the wires, and to chamgu the route of the line from the north to the south side of G street lwtweou Ninth and Eleventh streets northwest, one thousand six hundred dollars. w;..m..,;•¢... m.. “`ASHINGTON )IONUMEN'l': Fur the nam and maintenance of the '”`§',g,,t,,,,,,,,., \Vnshington Monument, mnuely: For one custodian, at one hundred dollars per mouth; one steam engineer, at eighty dollars per month;