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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 420. 1896. 445 HAizB0R OF NEW YORK: For prevention of obstructive and iniurious New Y¤¤< H=·rl>¤r· deposits within the harbor and adjacent waters of New York City: For pay of inspectors and deputy inspectors, office force, and ex- I“’P°"*°"»°*°· penses of office, ten thousand two hundred and sixty dollars; For pay of crews and maintenance of four steam tugs and three l`¢¤¤¤l¤· launches, forty-eight thousand seven hundred and forty dollars; In all, fifty-nine thousand dollars. CALIFORNIA Dnnnrs Commission: To defray the expenses of the CC=“€°¤P*=* Debris California Debris Commission, authorized by the Act approved March iiqiiligilgiléov. first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, fifteen thousand dollars. NATIONAL HOME FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS. D}[_’;,jjgg¤{,,}}·gg·;,_Q;; Soldiers. For the support of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, as follows: AT THE CENTRAL BRANCH, AT DAYTON, OHIO: For current ex- D=¤yw¤.0· pcnses, namely: Pay of oincers and noncommissioned officers of the C“"°"°°xp°"°°°‘ Home, clerks and orderlies, with such exceptions as Hl'6 hereinafter noted: also payments for chaplains and religious instruction, printers, bookbinders, librarians, musicians, telegraph and telephone operators, guards, policemen, watchmen, and tire company; for all property and materials purchased for their use, including repairs not done by the Home; for necessary expenditures for articles of amusement, boats, library books, magazines, papers, pictures, and musical instruments, and for repairs not done by the Home; and for stationery, advertising, legal advice, and for such other expenditures as can not properly be included under other heads of expenditure, fifty-eight thousand dollars; For subsistence, namely: Pay of commissary sergeants, commissary Subsistence. clerks, porters, laborers, bakers, cooks, dishwashers, waiters, and others employed in the subsistence department; the cost of all articles purchased for the regular ration, their freight, preparation, and serving; aprons, caps, and jackets for kitchen and dining-room employees; of tobacco; of all dining-room and kitchen iurniture and utensils. bakers’ and butchers’ tools and appliances, and their repair not done by the Home, two hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars; For household, namely: Expenditures for furniture for ofticers’ quar· Household. ters; for bedsteads, bedding, bedding material, and all other articles required in the quarters of the members, and for their repair if they are not repaired by the Home; for fuel, including fuel for cooking, heat, and light; for engineers and firemen, bath-house keepers, hall cleaners, laundrymen, gas and soap makers, and privy watchmen, and for all labor, materials. and appliances required for household use, and for their repairs unless the repairs are made by the Home, one hundred thousand dollars; For hospital, namely: Pay of assistant surgeons, matronsulruggists, Hospital. hospital clerks and stewards, ward masters, nurses, cooks, waiters, readers, hospital carriage drivers, hearse drivers, gravediggers, funeral escort, and for such other services as may be necessary for the care of the sick; for surgical instruments and appliances, medical books, medicine, liquors, fruits, and other necessaries for the sick not on the regular ration; for bedsteads, bedding, and bedding materials, and all other articles necessary for the wards; for hospital kitchen and diningroom furniture, and appliances, including aprons, caps, and jackets for hospital kitchen and dining-room employees; for carriage, hearse, stretchers, cofnns; for tools of gavediggers, and for all repairs to hospital furniture and appliances not done by the Home, fifty-tive thousand dollars- That,hereafter upon proper application therefor, the Medical Depart- S¤1•i>1i¤¤f¤>w·Army. ment of the Army is authorized to sell medical and hospital supplies at its contract prices to the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers;