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466 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sxass. I. RES. 23-25. 1896. . mnt. [N0. 23.] Joint Resolution To print the Annual Report of.the General Superin- ‘··—·······—— hmdeut of the Life—Saviug Service. Resolved by the Senate and H ousc of Representatives of the United Sm tes Efi;§_;vi:t;§:_{;i::i of America in Congress assembled, That section eighty-nine, second prompm um umsm. viso, of the Act of January twelfth, eighteen hundred and uincty-five, ·

 an Act providing for the public printing and binding, and so forth, be,

aud is hereby, amended by inserting after the words "tidc tablcs’ coast p110tsz" the words “Am1ual Report of the General Superintendent of “‘2""°“2.§*'L§ “°I."i§°*”zm pprov , arc , 1 . Inch su. [N.24. Joiutkcsol t'¢mAtb ’th Soc f h T d's ' 1--3; tho rzodafs and diplomlsl swmbgio $V0rlfi?:a€o;1uibianrilasgilifiitsgicbtbobiallfg exhibitors entitled thereto. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States W°*{g:¤f’°*¤¤*>*¤¤ of America in Oemgress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasury Emimuouosmd. bo, aud he is hereby, authorized to distribute the medals and diplomas "’“"‘“P"”"“· of the Wurld’s Columbian Exposition to the several exhibitors entitled thereto, as designated and certified by the report of the Executive Comgittee oz; élwsiiids to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the ureau 0 the int and to this end the Secretary of the Treasury may adopt any mcthoéi, br create any anddall agencies, which to him may seem pmpur an _ necessary for the istribution of said medals and di1>1<>¤9¤¤¤ But in ww ug of the exhibitors cannot be found who may

 tp lpadult hud _ lomagytbcq, in every such case, such medals

and diplomas shall be rctnsncd by the Sccremry of the Treasury until they are called for by the exhibitors pxgtitlcd thereto, or by persons J. s. me rm in authorizged to reocgivc the same. And the said Secretary in the distribution 0 the m is and diplomas may trau mit the same through the Appmprhum nu- mails of charge. And the sum of fifteen thousand dollars is hereby "’°“"‘ appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying out thi resolution, and for the purposes hereof the said Secretary may temporarily employ, under such regulations as he may prescribe, the force now engaged in the Bureau of Eugraving and Printing in connection with the preparation of said dg>g:u;%Q>rus:l1£licl;°bf:ai•%fgrgc as may be necessary, said appropri- 11 a y van a. l . Approved, March 13, 1896. umn 1:, mac. [No. 25., Joint Resolution Grautiu the county of Cole, Missouri, permission to ·—·—·······— use certain rooms in the United States xbuilding at J cifersou City, Missouri. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States L *******;***1 $::51::; of America in Uvmgrexx assembled, That full permission bc, and the same ,_K}§r°c,f,‘},§}.‘j,,,,t,j is hereby, granted to the county of Cole, State of Missouri, to occupy ·¤· y¤¤r· the United States court room and two jury rooms connected therewith iu the United States building at J eiierson City, Cole County, Missouri, dulriing tbe mouths of March, July, and November, eighteen hundred an nine y-six an arch eighteen hundred and ninety-seven for the purpose of holding sessioins of the circuit court of said Oolc’County therein, und that during said occupation concurrent jurisdiction, so fur as It IS necessary, over said building be, and is hereby, ceded to tbe State of Missouri and to said county of Cole, so that the ses- · sions of sand court 1u said building and rooms may bc, during said g·;_vug;·m period, fully legalized: Provided, That said rooms shall be kept in good ' repair at the expense of said county of Cole, and at the end of March, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, the use of said rooms shall be relinquished t0_ the United States by said county, the premises to be in as good condition as before their occupancy by said circuit court of Cole