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Q2 FIFTY-FOURTH OONGRESS. Srzss. I. OH. 33. 1896. and sixty-two dollars; pay of enlisted men, thirteen thousand and forty-three dollars and sixty-two cents; all being for the service of the . fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five; in all, iorty-seven thousand six hundred and ninety-four dollars and forty-one cents. Purchase or norm. Honsns FOR OAVALRY AND ARTILDERY: Purchase of horses for the cavalry and artillery and for the Indfmré scouts, and for suah infantry and members of the hospital corps in e campaigns as may erequire to be mounted, and the expenses incident thereto, twenty-five thousand Pwnc. dollars: Provided, That the number of hlprsels riuiighaseécl pnder tthis Limit. appropriation. added to the number on an s a no a any ime eiggeed) the number of enlisted men and Indiari scouts in the mounted service, and that no part of this appropriation shall be paid out for horses not purchased by contract after competition duly invited by the Quartermaster’s Department and an inspection by such Department, all under the direction and authority of the Secretary of War. _ Mn1mryA¤¤asmy. PAY OF MILITARY ACADEMY: For one hrst sergeant, difference in PW °f “°'g°°’"“ pay between a sergeant and first sergeant for one year, eighty-four dollars. " srmmazrmmrni STATE AND TERRITORIAL Homns: For continuing aid to State or H%‘,§§°é5 P_45,,_ Territorial Homes for the support of disabled volunteer soldiers, in ` conformity with the Act approved August twenty-seventh, eighteen Promo. hundred and eighty-eight: Provided, That one—halt ot any sum or sums D°°“°°°'“‘ retained by State Homes on account of pensions received by the inmates ghadlbendedpcted frorlptthe Eid éiexfin iprovidtcgdébr, a diticiency or the sca year eig een un re an nine - ve cig cn ousan seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars and seventyjfour cents. Arrenrs of psy- BAoK PAY AND BOUNTY: For payment of amounts for arrears of ‘ pay of two and three year volunteers that may be certined to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasury during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and niuety-six, seventydive thousand dollars. Navy D¤I>¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- NAVY DEPARTMENT. Nsvs1A¤aq¤my. NAVAL ACADE3IY’Z For expenses of the Board of Visitors to the B°““* °' V"“°'“‘ Naval Academy, being for the service of the tiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, eight hundred and ten dollars and fifty-six cents. Dry awk, New NAV Y-YARD AT BROOKLYN, N nw YORK: For completion of dry Y°'k‘ dock numbered three, fifty thousand dollars. I f;·¤~¤¤r¤ H¤*l>¤* I¤· NAVAL WAR COLLEGE AND TORPEDO SCHOOL, OOASTERS HAR- · aiiripnirs. Bon ISLAND, Rupim lsLANn: For repairs to roof of college building, two thousand dollars. 1¤¤r·>¤·<=<>f N<{r>*· INCREASE OF THE NAVY. Hqifirmcm new I•)ooirMEN·r: Toward the completion of the equipment outfit of the """" "‘ new vessels heretofore authorized by Congress, fifty thousand dollars. mggguvr ¤¤r¤r¤- INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. cirpnti. Fon, run UA1>rroL: For work at Capitol, and for eneral re airs R m tc . g P °*’ ”’° ‘ thereof, including wages of mechanics and laborers, nine thousand dollars. hpgéegngfssagmvi- (}ovrmNurENjr HOSPITAL NOR THE _INSANE: For completing electric mem-ic pcm. plant for lighting and ventilating, nineteen thousand three hundred and forty-nine dollars and sixty~four cents. G¢<>¤<>ei<==¤¤S¤¤¤s· GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: For chemical and physical researches relat- ‘ ing to the geology of the United States, one thousand five hundred dollars. Rm. For the renting of additional rooms for the use of the engraving and printing division of the Geological Survey for a period of four months, _ beginning with the iirst day of March, four hundred dollars. €X,*f,iL§°§‘Q§{fE’g,, ,0 CLASSIFICATION OF ·CERTAIN MINERAL LANDS IN MONTANA AND

j]r=;l,lj¤h§¢f¤· IDAHO: For compensation of the twelve commissioners appointed under

v¤1.2a, Act of February twenty sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive,