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494 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 70, 83, 86. 1897. law required in regard to the bond of other United States marshals: PI *******0- umu Provided, That whenever the business of the courts in said Territory shall make it necessary, in the opinion of the Attorney-General, for the United States marshal of any district therein to furnish greater security than the official bond herein required, a bond in the sum not exceeding fifty thousand dollars shall be given by said marshal when required by the Attorney-General, who shall tix the amount thereoil Approved, January 20, 1897. January 21, 1897. CHAP. 83.-An Act Construing the Acts of Congress in relation to the award of ·—···——······— life-saving medals. mmmbia. Whereas the Attorney-General, under date of January thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, has rendered an opinion that the statutes authorizing the award of lifesaving medals apply to the rescue of those persons only who, in the vicinity of a life-saving station, lifeboat station, or house of refuge, are in danger of drowning in any of the waters over which the United States, by reason of their right to regulate foreign and interstate commerce, have jurisdiction, and that the purpose of such statutes is to cause such medals- to be bestowed upon the members, whether regular or volunteer, and whether permanent 01- temporary, of the life-saving crews; and that the terms “suecoring the shipwreeked" and “ saving persons from drowning? employed WL ¤>·1>-1¤5- in section twelve, Act approved Juno eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, authorizing the bestowal of lifemving medals of the second class, were intended to embrace only those personswho were s11B'ct·iug from the perils of the SBB, either by actual shipwreck or from being upon or connected with any vessel in distress: Therefore, Bc its emwtcd by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United gfvawwmw States of America in Ocmgress assembly}, That so much of the Acts ,,,,,0,,2Q,g my 'f,,,,,,°§ reiating to life-saving stations and the Life-Saving Service approved f;¤:£¤*¤¤z¤f¤¤P· June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, June eighteenth, V0l..18,€.127; von. eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and May fourth, eighteen hundred 2°·P·“5· °L"·P·57· and eighty-two, as provide for the award of lifesaving medals shall be construed so as to empower the Secretary of the Treasury to bestow such medals upon persons making signal exertions inresouing and succoring the shipwrecked and saving persons from drowning in the waters over which the United States has jurisdiction, whether the said persons making such exertions were or were not members of n, litesaving crew, or whether or not such exertions were made in the vicinity of a life-savin g station. Approved, January 21, 1897. ___·[_¤f}*}¤’§' CHAP. 86.-Au Act To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to furnish condemned "` cannon to Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United (5:*:*:*:*;*3 ¤¤;_¤g•>;¤i States of America in Congress assembler], That the Secretary of the Thomas, Ky, Navy be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to furnish to Fort _ Thomas, Kentucky, ten pieces of condemned cannon for ornamental §;{j'_Qj‘;;m_ purposes: Provided, That in the judgment of the Secretary of the Navy such articles can be spared without detriment to the public interests. Received by the President, January 12, 1897. [Norm nv mm Dniuncumur or STATE.-The foregoing act havin g been presented to the President of the United States for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house of Congress in which it originated within the time prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, has become a law without his approval.]