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500 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II; CHS. 95, 9b. 1897. water system for the said town of Flagstaff; that before said bonds are sold at least thirty days’ notice shall be given by publication in one or more newspapers of general circulation, asking for bids for the purchase of said bonds at not less than par. . , _ ,_ _ __ _ Surety time rs. Sec. 2. That at the time said bonds areready to be issued by the

  • ‘“’°‘· mayor and common council of the said town of Flagstaif the city treasurer of said town of Flagstaff, in whose custody the said bond.s,_or the

proceeds of the sale thereof, shall be kept, shall berequired to giyean additional bond, to be approved by the mayor and common council of said town, to the said town, in not less than the value of said bonds, or the proceeds of the sale thereof, in his hands, for the sate-keeping of said bonds, or the proceeds of the sale thereof, and to account for the same. r _ mu no be ww: Sec. 3. That before said bonds are issued the mayor and common "‘”'· council of the town of ,Fla.gstaii'_shall cause au. election to be held, in all respects as election are now held in said tewn for the election of town officers, at which election the qualified electors of said tow,n may vote for or against the issuance of said bonds, and should one-third of tlreyotes cast at said election be against the issuance of said bond s, then said town of Flagstatf, by its mayor and common council, shall not issue said_ bonds. ,. Approved, January 26, 1897. KQ tlh. wl q >*1 .T0 {J H13 B. "$;t llll Gldlllll N thb ~i—·i··z·¥—· District dgtgolninlbltcgy drnpviobmk crgineitgeym mu In . - .1 ·Z gr » >·•¢ v:',);` . !5»~· ·~.·rr P- r _· ’¤ f'; ‘. »—B¤,i¢ vrvwtvd ky. W Smrtc cred liens?/Zrkeprvsvntatives, dw United _m.¤ra te com- States of America m Ocnggcvc. That, the im 9f the "‘ti.i»..i.»., mmme ¤¤¤r¤ of the Dr¤¤:wt_ ¤fL¤<>I¤m¤hxe rs her¤bx_¢mps>w¤rcd. and d¤••rq¤¤¤¤ ¤¢1¤¤r•1¤- directed to examine and audit for settlement allnclarms for property ¥¤m?mm taken, injured, .0r destroyed by reason of the destruction or removal of the Northern Liberty Market, in the city of Washirrgtorr, District of Columbia, in September, eighteen hundred and seventytwo, as also all claims for payments made for the purchase, rent, or use of any stall or privilege in said market house and for license for conductingany business therein, to the extent of the unexpired term of said purchase, rent, use, or license. isms or mwmk Sec. 2. That when the auditor has ascertained the amount of the °°'*‘“°"‘°°· above described, in any case growing, out of the removal or destruction of the market as atoresaid, he shall issue adrawhack certificate, signed by him as auditor, to the party or parties who sutfered such loss or damage, or to their legal representatives, stating the amount found to be due and on what account issued, and shall keep a lnwrw- registry thereof; and said drawback certiticates with interest thereon at three and sixty-Eve one hundredths per centurn per annum from Sep- Receivable for tember fourth, eighteen hundred and seventytwo, shall be received for “"‘"‘°'“"°" arrears of taxes due the District of Columbia and unpaid on June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five. mrxnmmuun by at- Sec. 3. That said auditor shall make a tabular statement of all claims °°"’ prescribed, tho persons owning the same, and the amount found to be due on account of each; and for the purposes hereinbefore specified said auditor shall have the power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and examine witnesses under oath, and shall have full access to all of the records, books, papers, and vouchers of every kind whatsoever of the late board of public works and the District of Columbia, and shall provide, by fair and equitable rules, for the examination of the same by claimants or their attorneys. Said auditor shall give notice for the presentation of the claims hereiubeibre specified in such manner as he may deem necessary, and no claim shall be audited or allowed unless presented within ninety days after the first publication Report. of such notice; and said auditor shall make full report of all his acts