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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 108. 1§97. 505 Congress shall have the right, so long as said lands are occupied and possessed by said nations and tribes, to impose such additional taxes upon said railroad asit may deem just and proper for their benent. And any Territory or State hereafter formed through which said railway shall have been established may exercise the like power as to such part of said railway as may lie within its limits. Said railroad com- S¤rv¤y.¤¤c- pany shall also have the right to survey and locate its railway immediately after the passage of this Act. V Sec. 6. That said company shall cause a map, upon a scale of not M¤P*¤1>¤111¤·1- less than one inch to the mile, showing the entire route of its located line through said allotted lands and through the Indian Territory, both for its main line and branches, to be filed with and approved by the Secretary of the Interior, to be tiled in the office of the principal chief of each of the natiousor tribes through whose lands said railway, telegraph, and telephone line may be located, and also in the office of the United States Indian agent for the respective agencies, before any part of the line of road herein provided for shall be constructed; and after the filing and approval of said map by the Secretary of the Interior, no claim for a subsequent settlementand improvement upon the rig‘hfof wayas shown by said map shall be valid as against the company: Provided, That said railway, telegraph, and telephone line is f{°"‘~*°*k t located and constructed within the time herein limited: And provided a¤¤?`° 0 °°°° m°` further, That the chief engineer of the company shall certify, under G’“‘“”g· oath, to the Secretary of the Interior, as to the date of the completion of each ten-mile section of the road by grading, immediately after such completion. ‘ ’ Sec. 7 .` That the officers, servants, and employees of said company fmplvyezz my rvnecessary to the construction and management of said railway, tele- M °°°"g °iw°Y‘ graph, and telephone line shall be allowed to reside, while so engaged, upon such right of way, but subject to the provision of the Indian intercourse laws, and subject also to such rules and regulations as may be established by the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with said intercourse laws. ‘ ‘ Sec. 8. That said company shall build at least one hundred miles of wg°Q,;a%:¤°¤¤¤* ¤¤d its railway in the Indian Territory within three years after the passage P ' of this Act, and complete the main line and branches thereof within three years thereafter, or the rights herein gran ted shall·be forfeited as to that portion not built, and that without any declaration of forfeiture on the part of any officer or employee of the Government. And said C*°••1¤8•·¤*·>· company shall also construct and continuously maintain all roads,' highway crossings, and necessary bridges over said railway wherever said roads and highways do now or may hereafter cross said company’s right of way or may be by the proper authorities laid out across the same. And said railroad company is also hereby authorized, in case it Bagigrvgidzs Ar1¤•¤· so elects, for the greater accommodation of the public, to so construct ` its bridge across the Arkansas River as to make it a suitable and sate structure for the crossing of vehicles of all kinds, animal and foot _ travelers, as well as railroad trains: Provided, That the plans of con- $3;:; of Wah) struction of all bridges across navigable streams, along and upon the approve plans, em. right of way herein provided for, shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of War. But if said bridge across the Arkansas River is constructed for said additional use, then the said railroad company shall have the right to construct and maintain the necessary wagon-road approaches to the nearest public highway at each end of the bridge: Provided further, That said railroad company. in case of the construe- T011- tion of said bridge for the additional uses herein named, shall be authorized to collect tolls from all who may use said bridge-, but the toH fees charged shall not be greater than the toll fees allowed by the laws of the State of Arkansas for like services on toll bridges across the Arkansas River in that State: Provided further, That this Act shall b r$Q°1j*°¤°¤°¤ *° not be so construed as to give or grant said company an yri ght, title, ° or interest in or to the wagonroad approaches to the nearest public highways which it is authorized to construct from the ends of the