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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. (Jus. 173, 174. 1897. 513 CHAP. 173:-Au Act T0 approve and ratify the construction of n bridge across F¤bl'¤¤ry 8.1807. the Sulphur River, m the State of Arkansas, by the Texarkana and Fort Smith Rail- “€" way Company. Bc it e·nucted by (hc Senate and House of Repreeentativea of the United States of Amerww on Congress assembled, That the construction by the S¤'£§{“;§:ifvj:°d(§`j_j* Texarkana, and Fort Smith Railway Company, a corporation duly pany my bridks sun; organized under the laws of the State of Arkansas, of the bridge over Pl‘“'R*"°'·A' ““’““· the Sulphur River, in said State of Arkansas, be, and the same hereby is, approved and ratified, subject to the stipulations and conditions hereinafter set forth. Sm:. 2. That said bridge, so long as maintained according to the {;¤Wf¤l ¤*¤‘¤¤*·¤r¤ limitations of this Act, shall be a lawful structure, and shall be known °° pm ”°°'°` and recognized as a post route, and the same is hereby declared to be a post route, upon which D0 higher charge shall be made for the trans- ` mission 0ver the same of the mails, the troops, and the munitions of war of the United States, or for through passengers or height passing over the same, than the rate per mile paid for their transportation . over the railroads leading to said bridge; and the United States shall ****1 *****1;**1*- have the right of way across said bridge for a postal telegraph. SEO. 3. That said bridge shall be under and subject to such regula- $°·=·!>b*·:=v of Wtgw tions for the security of the navigation of said river as the Secretary Exim ’°g°]° "' of War shall prescribe, and the present plan and structure of said bridge sh all not be altered or changed except by consent of the Secre tary of War, and with his approval of the proposed change or altera.- tion: Provided, That any change or alteration in the said bridge which the Secretary of War may deem necessary in the interest of navigation shall be made by the said railroad company at its own expense. Sec. 4. That all railroad companies desiring the use of said bridge p,E§§, b" °"‘°' °°""` shall have and be entitled to equal rights and privileges relative to the passage of railway trains over the same, and over the approaches thereto, upon payment of a reasonable compensation for such use; and °°"’P°"""‘°"· iu case the owner or owners of aid bridge and the several railroad companies, or any one of them, desiring such use, shall fail to agree upon the sum or sums to be paid, and upon rules and conditions to which each shall conform in using said bridge, all matters at issue between them shall be decided by the Secretary of War, upon ai hearing of the allegations and proofs of the parties. Sec. 5. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal A¤¤¤·i¤•¤¢.¤¢¤· this Act at any time. Approved, February 8, 1897. CHAP. 174.-An Act To authorize the con traction by the Kansas City, Shreve- F•braary8.18W. nrt: a.uc1G¤lk' Railroad Company of n bridge across the Sabine River between the ‘_"‘l—"‘“‘*‘ gates of Louisiana and Texas. - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Kansas City, Shreve- P01$§§§§(§),ff}’g§a'§@;fg port and Gulf Railroad Company, sn corporation duly created and exist- g;:L1:¤i¥im:y0l;¤:p ing under the laws of the State of Louisiana, i ts successors or assigns, Tc, v°"°’ be, and it, is hereby, authorized to construct and maintain a bridge and . approaches thereto across the Sabine River at; or aboutgtwenty miles above the town of Orange, in the State of Texas. Said bridge shall be R“'*""Y·°"°··b"'1¤°- constructed to provide tbr the passage of railway trains, and, at the option of said corporation. may be so constructed as 1:0 provide for the passage of wagons and vehicles of all kinds, animals, and ibot passengem for such reasonable rates of toll as may be approved by the Secre— T°“· tary of War. Sec. 2. That the bridge herein authorized shall be built and located agsfjjjgjgggfh under and in accordance with neh regulations for the security of navigation as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and to secure lihat object che said company shall submit, to the Secretary of War, for IHS examnmmou sun- L—v01. 29——-33