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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 33. 1896. 27

 OF   Libr3ry0f(}0ug-gg5g_

To enable the Librarian of Congress to employ three additional A°°*¤'·¤¤°¤· assistants, at the rate of seventy-tive dollars a month each, for the remainder of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, one thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. SENATE. same. For compensation and mileage of Senators, five thousand dollars. s°¤**°"- For salaries of officers, clerks, messengers, and others in the service ¤l•¤k¤·¤*¤- of the Senate, six thousand dollars. For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, ten thousand dollars. m°°°“'*“°°¤¤· For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, two thousand three hundred and ninety-two dollars and twenty-nine cents. For fuel, oil, and cotton waste, and advertising, for the heating appa- F¤<>l·<>il»¤¤¤- ratus, exclusive of labor, fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-four, five dollars and forty-two cents. For purchase of furniture, two thousand ilve hundred dollars. F¤¤*i'¤¤¤?· For repairs of furniture, fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, thirty-tive dollars and twenty-three cents. _ For services in cleaning, repairing, and varnishing furniture, one thousand five hundred dollars. For repairs to Maltby Building, iiscal year eighteen hundred and M"""Y B"“'“’*¢· ninety five, ten dollars and seventy-five cents. For amount due the Wa hington Gas Light Company, for coke, fiscal Li“L¤;¤g;¤H*¤¤ GM year eighteen hundred and ninety-four, twenty-nine dollars and fifty- g mWof two cents. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Mlf_;¤¤¤¤fRspms¤¤v To pay to Charles H. Evans, for services to the Ways and Means g:Q::sH·E"=¤¤· Committee in preparing estimates of revenue from proposed tariff legis- , ` lation, one hundred dollars. To pay to Joel Grayson, for services in the document room from Jann- ·ggf}_}j;gY°°”- ary first to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, inclusive, ` at one hundred and twenty-tive dollars per month, seven hundred and fifty dollars. 4 To payto the mother of Lucien Davidson, deceased, late a page in ggfljnfjjiggsr the otiiee of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House, a sum equal to his ` salary as such page for six months; also the expense attending his last illness and funeral, not to exceed one hundred dollars; in all, four hundred and sixty dollars. To pay R. C. Peacock for service performed as a page, twenty dollars. R C·?°¤°°°l·=· For two clerks to the Committees on Elections, authorized by resolu- 1*1l¤¤=l¤¤¤ 0¤¤¤¤l*·· tion of the House December twentythird, eighteen hundred and ninety- t°€·§.,,-k,, five, at the rate of two thousand dollars per annum each, until and including June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, two thousand and ninety-seven dollars and eighty-two cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For stationery for Members of the House of Representatives, two S¤**°¤•*¥· hundred and fifty dollars. For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select committees Miscsllsnssus. swfor the fiscal years, as follows: _ For eighteen hundred and ninety-six, twenty-two thousand dollars. For eighteen hundred and ninety-five, three thousand dollars. For furniture, and repairs of the same, two thousand dollars. F“"ih"°‘ _ For wrapping paper, pasteboard, paste, twine, newspaper- wrappers, F°*d“‘8 ““‘°““*‘· aud other necessary materials for folding for the use of Members of the House, and for use in the Clerk’s office and the House folding room (not including envelopes, writing paper, and other paper and materials to be printed and furnished by the Public Printer, upon requisitions