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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 265. 1897. 555 the Secretary of the Treasury, in connection with special work, including the temporary employment of stenographers, typewriters, accountants, or other expert services outside of the District ot Columbia when not properly chargeable to any other appropriation under the control of the Treasury Department, five hundred dollars. For freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service, three thou- F'°igh°’ °°°‘ sand five hundred dollars. d ger rent of buildings, three thousand nine hundred and seventy R""*· - o ars. For purchase of horses and wagon, for office and mail service, to be H°'•°° ud °'¤B°¤•· used only for oiilcial purposes, care and subsistence of horses, including shoeing, and of wagons, harness, and repairs of the same, three thousand dollars. For purchase of ice, including ice for the office of the Auditor for the I°°· Post-Oilice Department, two thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of file holders and file cases, two thousand dollars. H"` For purchase of coal, wood, engine oils and grease, grates, grate F“°1‘ baskets and iixtures, blowers, coal hods, coal shovels, pokers and tongs, nine thousand five hundred dollars. L b For purchase of gas, electric current for lighting and power purposes, ig °°' gas brackets, candles, candlesticks, droplights and tubing, gas burners, gas torches, globes, lanterns, and wicks, fourteen thousand dollars. For washing and hemming towels, for the purchase of awnings and ““'°°“““°°“‘· iixtures, window shades and fixtures, alcohol, benzine, turpentine, varnish, baskets, beltin g, bellows, bowls, brooms, buckets, brushes, canvas, crash, cloth, chamois skins, cotton waste, door and window fasteners, dusters, ilower garden, street and engine hose, lace leather, lye, nails, oils, plants, picks, pitchers, powders, stencil plates, hand stamps, and repairs of same, stamp' ink, spittoons, soap, matches, match safes, sponges, tacks, traps, thermometers, tools, towels, towel racks, tumblers, wire, zinc, and for blacksmithing, repairs of machinery, removal of rubbish, sharpening tools, advertising for proposals, and for sales at public auction in Vifashington, District of Columbia, of condemned property belonging to the Treasury Department, payment of auctioneer feeis, and purchase of other absolutely necessary articles, eight thousand do lars. ‘ For purchase of carpets, carpet border and lining, linoleum, mats, °“‘I’°"·°'·°· rugs, matting, and repairs, and for cleaning, cutting, making, laying, and relaying of the same, by contract, three thousand dollars. F For purchase of boxes, book rests, chairs, chair caning, chair covers, “"""‘“" desks, bookcases, clocks. cloth for covering desks, cushions, leather for covering chairs and sofas, locks, lumber, screens, tables, typewriters, ventilators, wardrobe cabinets, washstands, water coolers and stands, seven thousand dollars. commcrixe rnrniuur. unvmmn. m$§},‘§gf'”¢ "**°"'“ For salaries and expenses of collectors and deputy collectors and °°u°°*°"°‘°*"‘ surveyors, and clerks, including transportation of public funds and also V0, 2, P m including expenses of enforcing the Act of August second, eighteen'` hundred and eightysix, taxing oleomargarine, and the Act of August V°‘·”·l’·"· fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, imposing upon the Government the expense of the inspection of tobacco exported, and also the Am p_2_,,,_ Act of June sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, imposing a tax on f filled cheese, one million seven hundred and ten thousand dollars: Pro- yl ',,°”,,,“,,Z,,,,,, of ,,,,,. rided, That the number of deputy collectors and clerks employed in p1¤y¤¤¤ ¢·r ¤¤1¤·i<»¤· the collection of internal revenue shall not be increased, nor shall the salaries of said officers and employees be increased beyond the salaries paid during the last fiscal year. For salaries and expenses of agents, fees and expenses of gaugers, *g°“‘°·¥°“$°"·°*°· salaries and expenses of storekeepers and storekeeper-gaugcrs, and miscellaneous expenses, one million nine hundred thousand dollars.