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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 265. 1897. 577 For clerk, two thousand dollars; For stenographer, one thousand nve hundred dollars; For attorney, three thousand five hundred dollars; For interpreter and translator, one thousand five hundred dollars; in all, thirty-three thousand five hundred dollars. ` For deputy clerks, as authorized by law, so much therefor as may be necessary. That section nineteen of an Act entitled “An Act to establish a court Mf§°“{‘,_°fg',§,*““°° *° of private land claims, and to provide for the settlement of private land v01.2c,p.sesb. claims in certain State and Territories,” approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, as amended in Legislative, Executive, and V¤¤·2¤·1>·8<>5· Judicial appropriation Act for the nscal year eighteen hundred and pipety-six, be and the same is hereby further amended to read as o ows: “SEc. 19. That the powers and functions of the court established by this Act shall cease and determine on the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, and all papers, files, and records in the possession of said court belonging to any other public office of the United States shall be returned to such office, and all other papers, Hles, and records in the possession of or appertaining to said court shall be returned to and filed in the Department of the Interior." _ _ Drsrnrcr coimrs: For salaries of the sixty-nve district judges of ”“*"‘°‘j""g°’· the United States, at ilve thousand dollars each, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. _ Umzrnn Srazrns coonrs, Innurr Tnnmronr: For salaries of the ,,0§$€§T“ T°"‘*°" three judges of the United States courts in the Indian Territory, at _ five thousand dollars each, fifteen thousand dollars: Provided, That man asm8d_ section twenty-four of the Act of May twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred ai-ass, mmmus, sa., and ninety-six, making appropriations for the Legislative, Executive, ‘q};*f,*}:.§§,i’}f’ "° I“°"“ and Judicial expenses of the Government, for the fiscal year ending Am¢,p.1zc. June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, and for other purposes, be and is hereby amended by striking out the words “Indian Territory or," so that said Act shall apply to the Indian Territory except _ _ as herein otherwise provided: Provided further, that the provisions of ,,,§{_§§’,;{,}§$,;;’{},‘j{“ ““" Sections nineteen, twenty-one, and twenty-two of said Act shall not _ _ apply to the Indian Territory: Provided further, that each of the Dis- ,,1,;i§°.2:§]'§,;§i,°:{§',?,{,:_ trict Attorneys in the Indian Territory shall receive a salary of four thousand dollars per annum, and each of the Marshals shall receive a salary of four thousand dollars per annum. _ Rnriimn Jumms: To pay the salaries of the United States judges §?2T#’§,§‘¥{§°;; 1,, retired under section seven hundred and fourteen of the Revised Statutes, so much as may he necessary for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eigh t, is hereby appropriated. O tt f Cormr or Approved, Drsrmor or COLUMBIA! For the cbiefjustice m,.§’,‘},,,§,- 5‘§i},’,§’,‘{,§§‘; of court of appeals of the District of Columbia, six thousand five hundred dollars; and for two associate justices, at six thousand dollars each; For clerk. three thousand dollars; For assistant or deputy clerk, two thousand dollars; _ For reporter, one thousand dollars: Provided, That the reports issued by him shall not be sold for more than five dollars per volume; For messenger, seven hundred and twenty dollars; For necessary expenditures in the conduct of the clerk’s office, five hundred dollars; in all, twenty-tive thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars, one-half of which shall be paid from the revenues of the Dis-. trict of Columbia. _ Snmzmm eounr, Drsrmcr or Uotumsu: For salaries of the chief m§,'g!g'§;,”_;;,'j,';_‘;,',g”** justice of the supreme court of the District of Columbia and of the live associate judges, at five thousand dollars each, thirty thousand dollars, one·half of which shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia. CLERK or nisrnrcr 00UBT, NORTHERN DISTRICT or ILLINOIS: rf_*g{¤§!{;*€¤°“¤**h· For salary of the clerk of the district court for the northern district of srxr L-—-VOL 29-—37