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584 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. -Ch. 268. 1897. DIGEST on INTERNATIONAL LAW OF THE UNITED STATES. ,,,,%‘°j'j,,1{* I"*°""" For revising, reindexing, and otherwise completing and perfectin g, by R¤¤:d¤dcdi¤<>¤wb• the aid of such documents as may be useful, the second 8d1E10D ot the

  • "$*f,°}_2.,j,_3,5_ Digest of the International Law of the United States, Taken from

Documents Issued by Presidents and Secretaries of State, and from Decisions of Federal Courts and Opinions of Attorneys-General, the work to be done under the supervision of the Secretary of State, ten thousand dollars, said sum to be immediately available. S¤¤=¤¤·¤1·B- SCHEDULE B. soma. SALARIES, CONSULAR SERVICE. ¤<>¤¤¤1¤—s¤¤¤¤·¤· Consul- general at Bavaria, six thousand dollars; Consulsgeneral at London, Paris, and Bio de Janeiro, at five thousand dollars each, fifteen thousand dollars; Consnls-generaldag Shanghai and Calcutta, at five thousand dollars each, ten thousan ollarsggnsul-generallat llgelliodrne, four thousand five hundred dollars; nsuls-genera at erin Montreal Yokohama Panama and Mexico (city), at nmr thousand dollars each, twenty thoiisand dollars; d Clonsuls-general at Halifaxl and Vienna, at three thousand five hundred 0 ars each seven thousan dollars; . Consuls- general at Apia and Nukualofa, Tonga, Constantinople, Dresden, Guayaquil, Frankfort, Ottawa, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Singapore, Cape Town (Africa), and Saint Gall, at three thousand dollars each, thirty-three thousand dollars;. Consul-general at Monterey, two thousand five hundred dollars; Clpnsuls-general atdlangier and Maracaibo, at two thousand dollars eac four ousand ol ars: Cdnsul -general at Santo Domingo and Barcelona, at one thousand five hundred dollars each, three thousand dollars; Total, one hundred and five thousand dollars. C<>¤·¤*¤·•°¤· For salaries of consuls, vice-consuls, and commercial agents, four hundred and thirty two thou and dollars. as follows, namel *: , 3 CLASS I. C'°°"·”·°°°'Y“'· Consul at Liverpool, five thousand dollars. Consul at Hongkong, five thousand dollars. CLASS 1I. WE}?" IL "°·°°° “At three thousand five hundred dollars per annum. ina: Consuls at Amoy, Canton, and Tientsin. France: Consul at Havre. Peru: Consul at Callao. CLASS III. yE§,,‘*f•° m· ”·°°° ** At three thousand dollars per annum. Austria: Consul at Prague. Belgium: Consul at Antwerp. Chile: Consul at Valparaiso.