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612 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 362. 1897. accountant of the Inspector-General’s Department, sixty-one thousand dollars. . °°*¤’***¤¤"****· For compensation of reporters and witnesses attending upon courtsmartial and courts of inquiry, five thousand seven hundred and sixty P" “’°“°°" *‘“""° dogdd tmd slimy-tim hints. h f bl b ld d d . · i iona ay o officer in c argc o pu ic ui ings an groun s iiibgngsmdpoudg at Washingtoili, District of Columbia, in addition to pay as major, one thousanddollars. m:¤m*•**°¤ °* For commutation of quarters to commissioned officers on duty, with- °` out troops, at stations where there are no public quarters, two hundred thousand dollars. mn-fl°*•¤°¤·°¤1*•‘°‘ For allowance for travel, retained and detained pay, clothing not ' drawn, and for interest on deposits payable to enlisted men on discharge., six hundred and sixty-two thousand six hundred and thirteen dollars and sixty-eight cents. mfg;;;! *¤f°¤¤*· For pay of a clerk attendant on the collection and classification of ' military information, one thousand five hundred dollar . kW" ’°°°“"""‘· For pay of expert accountant for the Inspector·General’s Depart- _ ment, two thousand five hundred dollars. M‘1°‘fg° “‘°m“°"‘ For mileage to officers when authorized by law, eighty thousand dolf{,f§{f"· lars: Provided, That hereafter the maximum sum to be allowed and paid to any officer of the Army shall be four cents per mile, the distance __ _ _ to be computed over the shortest usually traveled routes. °"°""‘P°"‘°"""' For traveling expenses and commutation of quarters for civilian physicians employed by the Surgeon-General, five hundred dollars. ·*'”°‘“‘*· Making in all, for pay and general expenses of the Army, thirteen million one hundred and twenty-eight thousand two hundred and fifty- _ four dollars and thirty cents. ‘*°°°“‘°"" All the money hereinbefore appropriated, except the appropriation _ “ for mileage toouicers when authorized by law," shall be disbursed and accounted for by the Pay Department as payof the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. m;:¤:j¤f•¤¤¤¤D·r•¤t SUBSISTENCE DEPARTMENT. S°PP“•°- SUZBSISTENOE OF THE ARMY: Purchase of subsistence supplies: P¤*°¤¤¤°¤· For issue, as rations to troops, civil employees, when entitled thereto, hospital matrons, general prisoners at posts, prisoners of war (including Indians held by the Army as prisoners, but for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made), estimated for the nscal year on the basis of nine million seven hundred and sixty-three thousand seven hundred and fifty rations; for sales to officers and enlisted men of the Army; for authorized issues of candles; for toilet articles, barbers’, laundry, and tailors’ materials, for use of general prisoners contln ed at military posts without pay or allowances, and recruits at recruiting stations; of matches for lighting public fires and lights at posts and stations and in the field; of tlour used for paste in target practice; of salt and vinegar for public animals; of issues to Indians visiting military posts, and to Indians employed with the Army, without pay, as rsymmu. guides and scouts. For payments: For meals for recruiting parties and recruits; for hot coffee, canned beet and baked beans for troops traveling, when it is impracticable to cook their rations; for scales, weights, measures, utensils, tools, stationery, one thousand cook books, blank books and forms, printing, advertising, commercial newspapers, use of telephones, office furniture; for temporary buildings, cellars, and other means of protecting subsistence supplies (when not provided by the E‘°"“°‘"’ P"' Quartermastens Department); for extra pay to enlisted men employed _ _ on extra duty in the Subsistence Department for periods of not less °‘“"“‘ °'“P1°Y°°°· than ten days, at rates iixed by law; for compensation of civilians employed in the Subsistence Department, not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars; and for other necessary expenses incident to the purchase, care, preservation, issue, sale, and accounting for subsistence