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614 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 362. 1897. incidental expenses of recruiting; for the apprehension, securing, and delivering of deserters, and the expenses incident to their pursuit, and no greater sum than ten dollars for each deserter shall be paid to any officer or citizen for such ervices and expenses; for a donation of five dollars to each dishonorably discharged prisoner upon his release from confinement, under court-martial sentence involving dishouorable discharge; and for the following expenditures required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such compa nies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, the authorized number of oHlcers’ horses, and for the trains, to wit: Hire of veterinary surgeons, purchase of medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, blacksmiths’ tools and materials, horseshoes and blacksmiths’ tools for the cavalry service, and for the shoeing of horses and mules, and such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the movements and operation of the Army, and at military posts, and not ‘“°°f"‘°‘ expressly assigned to any other department, six hundred thousand {,°;‘;f§;,,",y_ dollars: Provided, That two hundred thousand dollars of the appro- ‘ priation for incidental expenses, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, shall be set aside for the payment of enlisted men on extra duty at constant labor of not less than ten days in the Quartermaster’s Department; but no such payment shall be made at any greater rate per day- than is fixed by law for the class of persons employed at the work done therein. P“'°'*••°°' **°"°'· For the purchase of horses for the cavalry and artillery, and for the Indian scouts, and for such infantry and members of the hospital corps in field campaigns as may be required to be mounted and the expenses f,',’,,,,°‘f"· incidentthereto, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars: Provided, That the number of horses purchased under this appropriation, added ‘ to the number on hand, shall not at any time exceed the number of enlisted men and Indian scouts in the mounted service, and that no part of this appropriation shall be paid out for horses not purchased by contract after competition duly invited by the Quartermaster’s Department and an inspection by such Department, all under the direction and authority of the Secretary of War. “f;•¤‘¤¤l¤•¤¤* *1****- BARBAGKS AND QUARTERS: For barracks and quarters for troops, ` storehouses for the safe-keeping of military stores, for offices, recruiting stations, and for the hire of buildings and grounds for summer cantonments, and for temporary buildings at frontier stations, for the construction of temporary buildings and stables, and for repairing public _ buildings at established posts, seven hundred and fifty thousand dol-

?;?,}','; m,,,,,,," lars
Provided, That no more than one million dollars of the sums

appropriated by this Act shall be paid out for the services of civilian employees in the Quartermaster’s Department, including those heretofore paid out of the funds appropriated for regular supplies, incidental expenses, barracks and quarters, army transportation, clothing, camp and garrison equipage; that no employee paid therefrom shall receive S“"‘"°'· as salary more than one hundred and fifty dollars per month, unless the same shall be specially fixed by law, and no part of the moneys so appropriated shall be paid for commutation of fuel, and for quarters to _ officers or enlisted men. T“‘“"°"“°’°"· Tnmsronmmrion or run ARMY Am: ITS surrmns: Transportation of the Army, including officers traveling on public duty without troops and baggage of the troops when moving either by land or water, and including also the transportation of recruits and recruiting parties heretofore paid from the appropriation for "Expcnses of recruiting;" of supplies to the militia furnished by the War Department; of the necessary agents and employees; of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, and other quartermaster stores, from army depots or places of purchase or delivery to the several posts and army depots and from those depots to the troops in the field; of horse equipments and subsistence stores, from the places of purchase and from the places of delivery under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may