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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 34, 1896. 35 Denmark: · Consul at Copenhagen. France and French Dominions: Consuls at Cognac, Guadelupe, Martinique, Nice, and Limoges. Germany: - Consuls at Breslau, Kchl, Mannheim, Munich, and Freiburg. Great Britain and British Dominions: Consuls at Amherstburg (Canada), Antigua (West Indies), Belize (British Honduras), Bristol, Brockville (Ontario), Coaticook (Canada), Ceylon (India), Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Clifton (Canada), Fort Erie(Canada),Goderich(Canada), Gibraltar,Guelph (Canada), Kingston (Canada), London ( Canada), Malta, Morrisburg (Canada), Newcastle-on-Tyne, Pictou (Canada), Port Hope(Canada), Port Sarnia(Canada), Port Stanley (Falkland Islands), Prescott (Canada), Quebec, Saint Helena, Saint Johns (Quebec), Saint Stephens (Canada), Stratford (Ontario), Three Rivers (Canada), Wallaceburg (Canada), Windsor (Ontario), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Woodstock (New Brunswick), Yarmouth{N;>va Scotia), Hull, and Saint Johns (Newfoundland). ta y: Consuls at Castellamare, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Leghorn, Messina, Milan, Naples, and Venice. Mexico: Consuls at Matamoras, Merida, and Nogales. Netherlands: Consul at Amsterdam. Paraguay: Consul at Asuncion. Portuguese Dominions: Consuls at Fayal (Azores), and Funchal (Madeira). Spain: Consuls at Cadiz, Cardenas, Denia, and Malaga. Switzerland : Consul at Geneva. Sweden and Norway: Consuls at Gottenberg and Stockholm. ' Turkey: Consuls at Harpoot and Sivas. Venezuela: Consuls at La Guayra and Puerto Cabello. SCHEDULE C. Schedule C. CLASS VII. y£i·°°“ V¤· ¢1.<¤w · At one thousand dollars per annum. Belgium: Consul at Ghent. France and French Dominions: Consul at Nantes. Germany: Consul at Stettin. Great Britain and British Dominions: Consuls at Gaspe Basin (Canada), Sierra Leone (West Africa), and Winndsoi· (Nova Scotia). Haiti: Consul at Cape Haitien. Honduras: Consul at Ruatan and Truxillo (to reside at Utilla). Italy: Consul at Turin. Netherlands: ·Consul at Batavia.