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642 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 384. 1897. P¤>¤¤¤¤¤¤°¤·¤*·=- PRESERVATION AND REPAIR OF FORTIFIGATIONS: For the protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications for which there may be no special appropriation available, one hundred thousand dollars. rum-. For preparation of plans for fortifications, five thousand dollars. sem-sus. SEA WALI·S AND nmnmxnmurs: For construction of sea walls and embankments, thirty-three thousand dollars. Sem? H°°k·N-J- For construction of a riprap wall for protection of the eastern beach of United States lands at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, seventy-ive thousand dollars. M'f‘],{,",,§‘;f ‘°' I'"' Tonrnnons ron nA11n0R nnnnusnz For the purchase of submarine mines and nece sary appliances to operate them for closing the channels leading to our principal seaports, needful casemates, cable galleries, and so forth, to render it possible to operate submarine mines, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. —*¤¤·¤¤·¤*— ARMAMENT on FORTIFICATIONSZ For oil-tempered and annealed $*****1**** ¤¤¤°· steel for high-power coast-defense guns of eightiinch, ten-inch, and twelve-inch caliber, five hundred and fifty-eight thousand six hundred and sixty-three dollars. C¤¤·i~c¤¤· For purchase or manufacture of carriages for coast-defense guns of eight, ten, and twelve inch calibers, four hundred and forty-six thousand dollars. ¥·¤•¤· For purchase or manufacture of steel breech-loading mortars of _ twelve—inch caliber, seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars. °"“'“*$"'· For purchase or manufacture of carriages for teel breech-loading coast-defense mortars of twelveinch caliber, three hundred and forty- d three thousand four hundred and sixty-four dollars. ,,,:{{,,,"',,_°"" `"‘ “To provide for payments that may become due in the purchase or manufacture "of oi -tempered and annealed steel, for high-power coastdefense guns of eight, ten, and twelve inch caliber, and forgings for one iwpe sixteendnch gun; carriages for mounting seacoast guns of eight, ten, and twelve inch caliber; steel breeclrloading mortars of twelve-inch caliber; carriages for mounting steel mortars of twelve inch caliber; steel deck-piercing shell for twelve-inch breech-loading mortars; and steel armor-piercing shot for seacoast breech-loading guns, contracted A""- P-Q5"- for under the provisions of the fortiiications Act approved June sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, said payments being in excess of the money therein appropriated for these objects, as follows: $**1 *`°’ g“““· Oil-tempered and annealed steel for highpower coast-defense guns of eight, ten, and twelve inch caliber, and iorgings for one type sixteen- _ inch gun, five hundred and fifty-five thousand and thirty-eight dollars: f_°,’,‘j,'Qf[’,,,,,,,,,_ Provided, That no contract for oil—tcmpered and annealed steel for high-power coast-deteuse guns and mortars shall be made at a price exceeding twenty-three cents per pound; ¤•¤*¤¤·=¤· Cari-iages for mounting seacoast guns of eight, ten, and twelve inch caliber, three hundred and sixty-four thousand five hundred dollars; “°"““’· Steel breech-loading mortars of twelve-inch caliber, five hundred and ten thousand dollars; °“"**-W- Carriages for steel mortars of twelve·inch caliber, one hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars; ¤¢¤¤***·¤“¤· Steel deck-piercing and other shells for twelve-inch breech-loading mortars, fifty-four thousand six hundred dollars; S*'°""°*· Steel armor~piercing shot for seamast breech-loading guns, thirty- two thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight dollars; in all, one million P d six`hundred and ninety-five thousand and seventy-six dollars. _,__,,‘{{Q“Q€j;,°P_f,‘;; 1•or powders and projectnles for a reserve supply_for armament of pn-. fortifications, one hundred and sixty-mne thousand eight hundred and At-cqimte ergnm sixty-eight dollars; and twelve-inch armonpiercing shot, for which gf;,;;;?"""' *‘°“' contracts have been made with the Carpenter Steel Company, which ' shot have failed to pass the prescribed ballistic tests and which are deemed by the Chief of Ordnance to possess sufficient strength and excellence for service against armor of medium thickness, may be