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_ 650 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 386. 1897. cognizance of the Bureau of Navigation, unforeseen, and impossible to _ _ classify, forty-five thousand dollars. _ ,,§§,“'§¥§Y“*‘°“*N°"‘ NAVAL S·rAcrIoN, Nnwronr, Rnonr: ISLAND: For maintenance of 1 office of commandant; fuel, stationery, books, furniture, freight, and other contingent expenses, one thousand dollars. _N=¤~·¤1ir¤ii¤i¤g mi- NAVAL TRAINING S·rA·r1oN, CoAsrr:ns HARBOR ISLAND, Rnonn °°”` ISLAND (Fo}; APPRVENTICESM For dredging channels, repairs to main causeway, roads, and grounds, extending sea wall, and the employment of such labor as may be necessary for the proper care and preservation of the same; for repairs to wharf and sea wall; for repairs and improvements to buildings, heating, lighting, and furniture for same; books and stationery, freight and other contingent expenses; purchase of food and maintenance of live stock, and mail wagon, and attendance on same; and purchase of fresh water, thirty thousand dollars. au§*g,1'j,{pf§;§;>_}},$fi° I NAVALRWAR CFLLEGE inn Toiuiiano Souiogm, ClpAs*1in`nTS Héiipon SLAND HODE SLAND: or main enance 0 e ava ar o ege and Toi·pedo School on Coasters Harbor Island, and care of grounds for same, including one draftsman, at one thousand two hundred dollars per year, nine thousand two hundred dollars; To complete installation of standpipes for nre hose and connections; complete windowcasing repairs ; rain-water cisterns, pumps, and tanks ; leveling grounds about college, sodding, two thousand dollars; In all, Naval War College and Torpedo School, eleven thousand two hundred dollars. B¤¤¤¤··*°*·*··=¤=¤· · BUREAU or cmmincn. ngfms ml °"*· ORDNANCE AND ORDNANCE STORES! For procuring, producing, pre- `serving, and handling ordnance material; for the armament of ships; for fuel, material, and labor to be used in the general work of the Ordnance Department; for furniture at magazines, at the ordnance . dock, New York, and at the naval ordnance proving ground, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars; expenses of target practice, fifteen thousand dollars; maintenance of new proving ground, five thousand dollars; in all, two hundred thousand dollars. Paymenticbemade The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized and required to pay f°§~*f,?T‘§§f,'Qg§¥§, VOL to the patentee the twenty-five thousand dollars appropriated in the ?7»1>-23* “Act making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and for other purposes," approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, said Act providing “for the exclusive rights to and for ordnance appliances now in use on naval vessels and protected and covered by patent numbered five hundred and thirty-three thousand one hundred and seventy-one, said patent being embraced in a contract dated January twentyeighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and signed by the Secretary of the Navy and the patentec." _,i",}{1¤;{;;gd_.!>¤**°*¥ d lgodern battery for the Hartford, one hundred and nfty thousand . dollars. u.£.°?’°°TT° a"`?"`""` Reserve supply of ammunition, five hundred thousand dollars. jy,:;;'ijtf’*****°'°- RESERVE GUNS Fon AUXILIARY CRUISERS: Toward the armament vtizc, p. sez, vti. of modern guns for auxiliary cruisers mentioned in the Act approved 2* l’·”· March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and in section four of the Act approved May tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, two I’i’·>r€¤¤- hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of C°”*'**°*· the Navy may, in his discretion, purchase by contract all or any part _ of such guns. NQ“,,$‘,}{§}‘f’Rf’{,“*‘°”· Tonrnno srA·r1oN, NEWPORT,RHODE ISLAND: For labor, material, Expenses. freight, and express charges; general care of and repairs to grounds, buildings, and wharves; boats, instruction, instruments, tools, furniture, experiments, and general torpedo outfits, sixty thousand dollars; continuing extension of sea wall, five thousand dollars; enlarging boiler house. and two new boilers, six thousand five hundred dollars; in all, seventy-one thousand five hundred dollars.