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664 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 386. 1897. Department on the repair of barracks and other public buildings, ten thousand dollars. For rent of building used for manufacture of clothing, storing supplies, and office of assistant quartermaster, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two thousand dollars. For raising the marine barracks, Boston, Massachusetts, an additional story, three thousand one hundred dollars. °‘”°°'* ¤‘*“°°”· For the erection of officers’ quarters at the marine barracks, naval station, Port Royal, South Carolina, two thousand five hundred dollars. For alteration and repair of marine barracks and other public buildings, relaying walks and flagging at navy-yard, Brooklyn, New York, ten thousand dollars. Pm 0*¤¤¤‘¤· For the erection of a building for marine barracks, naval station, Port Orchard, Washirigton, ten thousand dollars. For quarters for officers at naval station, Port Orchard, Washington, tive thousand dollars. For stumping, grading, and grubbing for a parade ground, naval station, Port Orchard, Wznshingt4>¤n, three thousand dollars. I"°'“g°· FORAGE, MARINE CORPS: For forage in kind for five horses of the Quartermaster’s Department, and the authorized number of officers’ horses, three thousand dollars. Him °*·1¤¤*¤*¤· Hmm or ormurmzs, ll/lARINE Cours: For hire of quarters for officers serving with troops where there are no public quarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not sufficient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them, four thousand five hundred dollars; for hire of quarters for seven enlisted men employed as clerks and messengers in commandant’s, adjutant and inspector’s, paymaster’s, and quartermasteis offices, Washington, District of Columbia, and for the leader of the Marine Band, and for assistant quartermaster’s office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at twenty one dollars per month each, two thousand and sixteen dollars; for hire of quarters for four enlisted men employed as above, at ten dollars each per month, four hundred and eighty dollars; in all, six thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars. C°¤**¤€<=‘¤*· UONTINGENT, MARINE CORPS: For freight, tolls, cartage, advertising, washing of bed sacks, mattress covers, pillowrases, towels, and sheets, funeral expenses of marines, stationery and other paper, telegraphing, rent of telephones, purchase and repair of typewriters, apprehension of stragglers and deserters, per diem of enlisted men employed on constant labor for a period not less than ten days, repair of gas and water fixtures, office and barracks furniture; mess utensils for enlisted men, such as bowls, plates, spoons, knives, forks; packing boxes, wrapping paper, oilcloth, crash, rope, twine, oamphor and carbolizcd paper, carpenters tools, tools for police purposes, iron safes, purchase and repair of public wagons, purchase and repair of harness, purchase of public horses, services of veterinary surgeons and medicines for public horses, purchase and repair of hose, repair of tire extinguishers, purchase of tire hand grenades, purchase and repair of carts, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers; purchase and repair of cooking stoves, ranges, stoves, and furnaces where there are no grates; purchase of ice, towels, and soap for offices; postage stamps for foreign postage; purchase of books, newspapers, and periodicals; improving parade grounds,repair of pumps and wharves, laying drain, water, and gas pipes, water, introducing gas, and for gas, gas oil, and introduction and maintenance of electric lights; straw for bedding, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows; wire bunk bottoms for enlisted men at the various posts; furniture for Government houses and repair of same, and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home and abroad. but impossible to anticipate or classify; thirty-three thousand seven hundred dollars. 1¤¤r¤¤¤¤<>f¤¤·= Fur- INCREASE or run NAVY. '¤“’°°*°'P°**°"°“*'· That for the purpose of further increasing the naval establishment of theUnited States, the President is hereby authorized to have constructed