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668 mrrr-rounru oosennss. srss. 11. 011.387. mu. m'}:¤;&°*¤’Y °*°¤'· That overseers, inspectors, and other employees tempora.rily required ’in connection with sewer, street, or road work, or the construction and repair of buildings and bridges, or any work authorized by appropriations, and all expenses incidental to or necessary for the proper execution of said work shall be paid from and equitably charged against the R¤P°**~ sums appropriated for said work; and the Commissioners of the District, in their annual report to Congress, shall report the number of such overseers, inspectors, and other employees, and their work, and the sums paid to each, and out of what appropriation. hS·¤g¢ri¤¢¤¤d¤¤¤ of Surnnrnrnnnnmr or cuanrrins: For superintendent of charities, ° an m' three thousand dollars; messenger, eight hundred and forty dollars; in all, three thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. §;;fg°*’g8g***°°- Fon sURvEYoR’s oF1v10E: For surveyor, three thousand dollars; P'assistant surveyor, one thousand eight hundred dollars; for such employees as may be required, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of Congress making the surveyor of the District of Columbia a salaried onicer, five thousand two hundred dollars; in all, ten thousand dollars. CONTINGENT AND MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES. C°¤°i¤€°¤*°¤P°¤¤°*- For contingent expenses of the government of the District of Columbia, namely: For printing,checks,books, stationery; detection of frauds on the revenue; repairs of market houses, painting; surveying instruments and implements, drawing materials; binding, rebindin g, repairing, and preservation of records; maintaining and keeping in good order the laboratory and apparatus in the office of the inspector of asphalt and cement; damages; care of horses not otherwise provided. for, horseshoeing; fuel, ice, gas, repairs, insurance, repairs to pound and vehicles, and other general necessary expenses of District offices, including the sinking-fund office, office of the superintendent of charities, harbor master, health department, surveyor’s office, sealer of weights and measures? office, and police court, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars; and the Commissioners shall so apportion this §;·;_j_f;°’ém_ sum as to prevent a deficiency therein: Provided, That horses and vehi- _cles appropriated for in this Act shall be used only for official purposes: ,n;";g’;fg§,‘;§Q;'§,P,‘;f;f And promidedfurther, That hereafter the recorder of deeds shall make fm. no charge for reporting to the assessor of the District of Columbia for entry upon the tax books transfers of real estate as provided by law. $=¤l·l¤¤- For contingent expenses of stables of the engineer department, including forage, livery of horses, shoeing, purchase and repair of vehicles, purchase and repair of harness, blankets, lap robes, purchase of horses, whips, oil, brushes, combs, sponges, chamois skins, buckets, halters, jacks, rubber boots and coats, medicines, and other necessary articles and expenses, five thousand dollars; and no expenditure on account of the engineer department for the items named in this paragraph shall be made from any other fund. M"'- For rent of District ofllces, nine thousand dollars. For rent of property yards, three hundred dollars. Coliecrinz v¤r¤<>¤¤¤ For necessary expenses in the collection of overdue personal taxes

  • “"“‘ by distraint and sale and otherwise, and ihr other necessary items, one

thousand five hundred dollars. J¤di¤i¤l¤¤P¤¤¤°¤· For judicial expenses, including procurement of chains of title, the printing of briefs in the court of appeals of the District of Columbia, and witness fees in District cases before the supreme court of said District, one thousand dollars. C¤r<>¤¤r’¤ ¤¤r¤¤¤¤¤· For livery of horse or horse hire for coroner’s office, jurors’ fees, removal of deceased persons, making autopsies, ice, disinfectants, and other necessary supplies for the morgue, and the necessary expenses of holding inquests, including stenographic services in taking testimony, and photographing unidentified bodies, eight hundred dollars. Advertising- For general advertising, authorized and required by law, and for tax and school notices and notices of changes in regulations, two thousand dollars.