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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. II. Ch. 387. 1897. 675 Flpr one hundred and twenty-nine, at five hundred and fifty dollars eac ; For twenty, at five hundred and twenty-tive dollars each; For ninety-nine, at five hundred dollars each; For forty-two, at four hundred and seventyfive dollars each; For fifty-three, at four hundred and fifty dollars each; For sixty-two, at four hundred and twenty-tive dollars each; For sixty~one, at four hundred dollars each; in all, seven hundred and sixty-one thousand one hundred dollars: Provided, That in assigning salaries to teachers, no discrimination prom. shall be made between male and female teachers employed in the same mgf “°‘·‘“°°'i““'“" grade of school and performing a like class of duties. For teachers of night schools, who may also be teachers in the day mgiamwois. schools, six thousand dollars. For contingent and other necessary expenses of night schools, tive hundred dollars. Fon. JAN1TORs AND CARE OF BUILDINGS AND 0-ROUNDs: For care Jammu, ew. of the high school and annex, of the iirst eight divisions, two thousand dollars; Of the J eiferson building, one thousand four hundred dollars; Of the Eastern high-school building of the first eight divisions; of the high-school building of the ninth and tenth divisions; of the Business High School (the janitor in which shall also be an engineer), at one thousand two hundred dollars each; Of the Franklin and Stevens buildings, at one thousand one hundred dollars each; Of the Curtis, Dennison, Force, Gales, Garnet, Grant, Henry, Peabody, Seaton, Sumner, Wallach, and Webster buildings, at nine hundred dollars each; _ Of the Lincoln and Mott buildings, at eight hundred dollars each; Of the Abbott, Berrett, John F. Cook, and Randall buildings, at seven hundred dollars each; Of the Adams, Addison, Ambush, Amidon, Anthony Bowen, Arthur, Banneker, Bell, Blair, Blake, Bradley, Brent, Briggs, Brightwood, Brookland, Buchanan, Carberry,Corcoran, Cranch, Douglass, Fillmore, Garrison, Giddings, Greenleaf, Harrison, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Lenox, Logan, McCormick, Madison, Magruder, Maury, Monroe, Morse, Patterson, Payne, Phelps, Pierce, Phillips, Polk, Slater, Smallwood, Taylor, Tenley, Towers, Twining, Tyler, Van Buren, Weightman, VVorm1ey, and Wilson buildings, and two new eight-room buildings, fifty-five in all, at five hundred dollars each; Of the Gartield, Hillsdale, Lovejoy, Thompson, Van Buren annex and Woodburn buildings, at two hundred and fifty dollars each; Ofthe Benniugs (white), Bennings (colored), Birney, Conduit Road, High Street, Langdon, Potomac, and Threlkeld buildings, at one hundred and sixty-five dollars each; For care of smaller buildings and rented rooms, including cooking and manual—training schools, wherever located, at a rate not to exceed forty-eight dollars per annum for the care of each schoolroom fo1u· thousand one hundred and seventy-six dollars; in all, tlfty-eight thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars. MISCELLANEOUS: For rent of school buildings, and repair shop, Rem. thirteen thousand one hundred dollars. For repairs and improvements to school buildings and grounds, Repairs. mc. thirty-tive thousand dollars. For the purchase of tools, machinery, material, and apparatus to be rms. used in connection with instruction in manual training, nine thousand dollars. ` For fuel, thirty-tive thousand dollars. F¤¤1· For furniture for new school buildings and additions to buildings, as rummm. tbllows: Sixth division, northeast, eight rooms, one thousand four hundred dollars;