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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 48. 1896. 5] For repairs and additions to electric, magnetic, pneumatic, thermic, _ and optical apparatus, nve hundred dollars: Provided, That any of the §'Q'{‘,fg; fo,. 0mm_ above-named sums for the department of chemistry, mineralogy, and ical roomgeology not expended for the purposes named may be expended for fittings of the chemical rooms of the new Academy building; For models, maps, and diagrams, books of reference, textbooks, and stationery for the use of instructors, one hundred and eighty dollars; For contingencies, one hundred dollars; For department of drawing: For drawing material for the use of ,,,gf’*’“'°'“°“*°f°'°" instructors, tacks, sponges, brushes, glue, alcohol, tumblers, saucers, towels, soap, ink, paint, stationery, and contingent expenses, two hundred and fifty dollars; For repairs to models, desks, stretchers, racks, and material, one hundred dollars; For models in flat and relief for topographical, geometrical, mechanical, and freehand drawing, one hundred dollars; Photographic material and appliances for new gallery and enlarging room, two hundred and fifty dollars; d Iior condensing lens for enlarging room, one hundred and twenty ol ars- For dbjective for enlarging room, one hundred and eight dollars; Slides and apparatus for stereopticon to illustrate lectures, two hundred and nfty dollars; For books and periodicals, one hundred dollars; ‘ For binding periodicals and loose sheets, fifty dollars; For repairing, cleaning, and reglazing one hundred and thirty-two oak frames, and repairing and regilding picture frames of retained draw- - ings, engravings, and models, two hundred dollars; For eighty compasses for new reconnoissance sketching boards, two hundred and twenty-eight dollars; D mn t f Od For department of modern languages: For stationery, text-books, and sm i°§’.°igm§€.~,.° m ` books of reference for use of instructors, for repairs of books and apparatus, and for office furniture, and for printing examination papers, and for contingencies, three hundred and fifty dollars; For department of law: For stationery, text-books, books of reference, D°*’““"“°"° °f I""' and books for use of instructors, and for repairing and binding same, and furniture for office, two hundred and htty dollars; D8 For department of practical military engineering: For purchase and m,,;p”{,H§°,¥,°` EL; repair of instruments, transportation, purchase of tools, implements, and ¤°°**¤S· materials, and for extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers, as follows, namely: For instruments for use in instructing cadets, in making reconnoissances; photographic apparatus and material for field photography; drawing instruments and material for platting reconnoissances, survey- ing instruments, instruments and material for signaling and field telegraphy; transportation of field parties; tools and material for the preservation, augmentation, and repair of wooden pontoon, and one canvas pontoon-bridge train; sapping and mining tools and material; rope, cordage, material for rafts, and for spar and trestle bridges; intrenching tools; tools and material for the repair of Fort Clinton and the batteries at the Academy, and extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers, at fifty cents per day each when performing special skilled mechanical labor in the department of practical military engineering; for models, books of reference, and stationery, one thousand two hundred dollars; Depumwt 0,, 0,,,, For department of ordnance and gunnery: For purchase and repairs muws and gmmery. of instruments, models, and apparatus, and purchaseof necessary materials; for the purchase of samples of _ arms and accouterments other than those supplide to the military service; for books of reference, textbooks, stationery and lithographic printing materials, and for contingencies, four hundred and fifty dollars; For manufacture or purchase of models of the new steel carriages for field, siege, and seacoast services for cadet instruction, three thousand dollars;