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792 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 181-183. 1897. W. Greenwood and Amey W. Wheeler, heirs of Henry A. Webb, of Providence, Rhode Island, the following-described bonds of the United States issued under Acts of Congress approved July seventeenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and August fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, namely: Bonds numbered thirty thousand and forty-nine to thirty thousand and fifty-one, inclusive, for five hundred dollars each; bond numbered ive thousand four hundred and ninety-seven, for one hundred dollars; bonds numbered eighteen thousand four hundred and thirty-six and eighteen thousand four hundred and thirty-seven, for one hundred dollars each; bonds numbered four thousand three hundred and forty-five to four thousand three hundred and fifty, inclusive, for fifty dollars each; amounting to two thousand one hundred dollars, together with unpaid coupons thereof to the amount of thirty-three covering interest for sixteen and one-half years, namely, two thousand and seventy-nine dollars, said bonds and interest amounting in all to four thousand one hundred and seventy-nine dollars, the said heirs claiming that the estate of said Henry A. Webb owned said bonds on February eleventh, eighteen hundred and sixty- tive, when, it is alleged, they were stolen hom the estate and were afterwards destroyed by the mw bm, thief or thieves: Provided, That before the redemption of said bonds the said heirs of Henry A. Webb shall execute or cause to be executed and deposit with the Secretary of the Treasury a bond of indemnity, with good and sufficient surety, subject to the approval of the said Secretary, to secure the United States against loss or damage in cousequence of the redemption of said bonds. Approved, February 8, 1897. Februry8.1wI. CHAP. 182.-An Act Authorizing and directing the Secretary of the Interior to

  • ";‘*’_* sell certain lands to A. L. Williams, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United $;,;·£§;},§°;¤;;b0,0_ States of America i n Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the me zu. Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to sell at one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre, and cause a patent to be issued to A. L. Williams, all of the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter and lot five of section nine, township tourteen south, range sixty-eight west, sixth principal meridian, in the county of El Paso, State of Colorado. Approved, February 8, 1897. February sum. CHAP. 183.-An Act For the relief of Mrs. Sarah Martin. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United §f¤({¤__1m¤;2_¤; mm States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the pension; Interior be, and he is hereby, directed to pay to Sarah Martin, widow of Jonas Martin, late private Company F, Twenty-ninth Michigan V°l-2“·P· 1*2- Infantry, the pension granted her under the Act of June twenty- seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety, by certiiicate numbered two hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and twenty-seven, without any deduction on account of pension previously granted her January sixteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, by the same ccrtiticate number. Received by the President, January 27, 1897. [Korn nr run Dnrsurmmzr on Srnrn.-The foregoing act having been presented to the President of the United States for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house of Congress in which it originated within the time prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, has become a law without his approval.]